Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Let’s Explore Kuudose Media with Danielle Payton (Co-founder of Kuudose Media)


“Growing up as an athlete, fitness was always a part of my life. When I was in college, I kind of taped off and as I returned from America after completing my masters, I actually waited 209 pounds and was tested pre-diabetic. They said I needed to get into shape, so I started off changing my eating habits and then I considered the option of working out. I started with walking, which eventually kicked started my refound love for fitness.” – Danielle

Our story

“During the pandemic, we came up with this idea to have pre-recorded online workouts under 30 minutes. We wanted to bring out fitness as affordable and accessible and we encouraged our trainers to use and make it work with what they have.

Instead of weights, you could use water bottles, wine bottles, use a jug of water, if you do not have a dumbbell. With trainers creating content, as a publicist, I gave them exposure in the media.” – Danielle

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Danielle Payton, the co-founder of Kuudose media.

We have managed to cover topics in relation to health and fitness, along with an inspiring fitness journey of Danielle, dedicated to all our strong women readers.

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Launch of this year

“We are working on strategic partnership, and also plan to help individuals who do not have access to mainstream utilities, to give them hope and help them with overall wellbeing, as you just feel better when you workout.” – Danielle


“Once you know your body, find what works the best for you and embrace it. Just because some workouts like spinning, cardio or boxing are cool, some people go for such classes and end up saying that I am not losing weight but you may like the energy. However, if you are actually determined to lose weight, then that is a different angle. In my case, my secret behind dropping 209 pounds to my current weight was walking and under 15 minutes of weight lifting.” – Danielle

“Walking does more than what people know when they think it is so underrated” – Danielle  

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