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Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Who doesn’t love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? Phoebe’s uniqueness, Monica’s cleaning obsession, Joey’s childishness, Ross’s dinosaurs, Chandler’s humor, and Rachel’s keen sense of fashion; an odd curation, but definitely loved. While binge-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S., did you wonder what character you might be?

If yes, then you’re at the right place because we have the answer to this question; well, we don’t but astrology does. Astrologer Megan Smith, Co-founder of Zenchronicity, tells Morning Lazziness which Friends character you might be based on your zodiac sign.

Rachel- Aries


Impulsive and enthusiastic, Rachel goes after what she wants without ever thinking it through and that’s Aries’s energy. 

Aries can think like, “I have an idea to build a spaceship,” but they won’t know how or why. A typical Aries can get so excited about something that they don’t plan what you are doing.  

Ross- Taurus


Ross shares the grounded energy of Taurus. He is very reserved, therefore, when one of his coworkers ate his famous Moist Maker sandwich, he had an outbreak. So a very helpful tip is never to eat a Taurus’s food!

Chandler- Gemini

Chandler- FRIENDS

Chandler would say things and then go, “Oh! I shouldn’t have said that,” like the time he told Rachel that Ross likes her. This is the Gemini trait. 

Geminis’ minds are moving so quickly that they aren’t always fully aware of what they are saying. The way he dresses also signifies Gemini.

Emily- Cancer 


She is kind, caring, and has a big heart; known as the ‘mother’ of the zodiacs, cancers are always admired for their kindness and nurturing nature. She can also be very possessive and needy of the people around her. 

Sometimes she’s super sensitive and will definitely hold on to lovers much longer than she should.

Joey- Leo


Charming but not very intelligent, this describes Joey and coincidentally it also describes Leos. They are focused on aesthetics and are pretty themselves but intellect doesn’t matter much to them. 

Janice- Virgo


Janice is a planner, a person who is dependable, conscientious, and organised. Janice loves being the person who is always there to help out her friends because she loves organizing just about anything. She is a perfectionist and becomes obsessive if convinced she may be falling short in a certain area of life. Though, she’s always very funny and fun to talk to.

Mike- Libra


Mike is a kind and gentle soul, he thrives in peaceful, loving environments. Though very moody and gullible at times, he is quite stubborn. 

Despite all his shortcomings, nothing ever stops him from always being there for the people he loves. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, an inclination to be diplomatic, and a desire to be well-liked. People find him charming, sociable, and romantic.  

 Monica- Scorpio


Monica is intelligent and calculated, therefore, she represents all the Scorpios. She wants things a very particular way and so do Scorpios. 

Monica is also very mysterious. Not everyone knows everything about her. She hid the age of her youngest boyfriend from the group. She and Chandler also hid the news of buying a new house from the other friends. Unlike Rachel, she isn’t out in the open. 

Susan- Sagittarius


Susan is curious, energetic, and adventurous. She is free-spirited and all about living life to the fullest anyway possible. 

Her open mind and philosophical views motivate you to keep searching for the meaning of life. She says what she believes in and never holds back when it comes to a new adventure.

Richard- Capricorn 


Richard is hard working, materialistic, and ambitious, with his money always on his mind. When passion strikes he is all about that something, he will chase it down no matter what. 

Sometimes he forgets your boundaries because he is so focused on his goals but he means no harm. He is loyal, stable, and confident in who and what he is. Bound by a sense of tradition, practicality, and unlikely to swerve from his ideas about what’s best for him and everyone else. Father energy right here!

Phoebe- Aquarius


“La, la, la…” If this doesn’t remind you of Phoebe then you may need to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. again. Phoebe is eccentric just like Aquarians and dresses crazy. She is a perfect personification of Aquarius. 

Gunther- Pisces


He is a little out there but patient, observant, and peace-loving. He comes across as timid and sometimes melancholy, and he may feel misunderstood most times. He is also very easygoing, and generally well-liked by everyone around him whether it be work or fun, as he is a shapeshifter of sorts. 

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