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8 Easy hairstyles you must try for any occasion

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French hairstyles never go out of style and are ideal for many different occasions.

Whether your hair type is short, long, straight, wavy, or curly—there are a number of gorgeous hairstyles that will elevate your appearance. The majority of the French braided hairstyles listed below are simple enough for you to DIY. Therefore, don’t miss out on the opportunity to mix up your daily looks with some imaginative and genuinely inspirational braided ideas!

To change your appearance, all you need is a rubber band and hairpins. Here are a few hairstyles you should attempt.

Side Braid

Side Braid woman

One of our favorite braids is the side braid. The side braid is simple and ideal for any event because you can make countless variations of it. It’s incredibly simple to achieve this timeless style. One rubber band and hair pins for women are all you need.


Bouffant woman

The bouffant updo hairstyle is ideal for a formal occasion or the workplace. Like the French, keep it understated and wear it with a single earring and a timeless trench coat. You might need a lot of hair pins for this, but the result will be a more professional appearance.

Triple the Braids

Triple the Braids woman

Learning braiding methods and all of their variations is worthwhile, especially the ones that suit your hair’s length and texture the best. Sincerely, no other haircut can accommodate as many various fashions. It could be beneficial to slightly divide your braids if you have long, thick hair. The traditional design has been updated in an attractive way, and the plait is flawless.

Twisted side ponytail

Twisted side ponytail woman

Ponytails and braids look great together, but if you can pull off a waterfall braid, all the better. Two French braids in your hairstyle are never a bad idea.

Everywhere and upside down

Everywhere and upside down hairstyle

This is magnificent, so it’s worth the extra time it might take you to stand in front of two strategically placed mirrors with your arms outstretched. The upside-down braid is certainly eye-catching, but what makes it truly wonderful is how it keeps around a thick, perfectly formed bun.

Crowned in Braids

Crowned in Braids woman hairstyle

A crown composed of braids is a gorgeous look, ponytail or not. It’s the epitome of boho chic, perfect for covering up second-day hair, but sophisticated enough for the office and simple enough for hectic mornings. You only need to utilize the hairpins to finish the style.

Intricate but Secretly Easy

hair clips woman

Simply make two side braids or a braided crown, then secure it with the appropriate pins. To create the twists, untangle a few strands from the braids, twist them tightly but evenly, starting at the beginning of the braid, and pin them up in this pattern or another of your choice. Even if you utilized tiny pieces for the twists, you may experiment with this with a weave.

Meeting in the Middle

Elegant Hair Clips Fashion

There are many different French braid hairstyles to choose from, and they’re also simple to make. Some of the most attractive French braid designs are the simplest. Plaiting two side braids together and going on is simple but always effective. The very epitome of easy grace is this look.

Pinning Is Everything

hair clips woman

hair clips woman

Even short hair looks good in braids. For locks, short to medium, side or milkmaid braids may be the ideal option. You can really use the hair you leave out of the braids to make it secure with French hairpins for women.


All of these French braided styles may be created with just a rubber band and Frenchie hairpins. Most of the French braided hairstyles seen above are do-it-yourself-friendly. There are numerous French braid hairdo options available. The simplest French braid patterns can be among the most beautiful.

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