Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Sam Curtis

Sam Curtis - Life Coach and Meditation Teacher. Sam believes that navigating life from relationships to careers to everyday peace of mind shouldn’t be a challenge. Providing practical, results-based and down-to-earth coaching she empowers her clients to find their own answers, tools and techniques so they can make decisions and progress with confidence and clarity.

How Do Overthinking Ruin Relationships, According to A Life Coach

Humans are known to be the only animals on earth that are blessed with the gift of imagination. While some of us use it...

What Are The Importance of Boundaries in A Relationship, According to A Life Coach

Boundaries, while they may not sound very romantic, the romance of your relationship is guaranteed to die without them. Sam Curtis, an international life...

Expert Reveals How Mindfulness Enhances Relationship And Sex Life

Have you found yourself bickering with your partner over something that happened 2 weeks ago? Does your mind wander around even during sex, leading...

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