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Best Books To Read As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac signs tell a lot about someone’s personality. From how dominating you are to how good you are in managing money, sun signs are a helpful way to know about one’s traits and choices.

That’s not all; these zodiac signs can also tell whether you are a bookworm or not; if you are, then this article is just for you. Because here, we have listed down some impressive books that a particular zodiac sign should be reading.

These book recommendations resonate with the natural features of the zodiac signs.

So, let’s have a look!


The first sun sign is Aries and they love to be on the top. They are exceptionally competitive in nature, so the best book recommendation for them is ‘Atomic habits.’

Book: Atomic habits

Atomic habits

It is a best seller book by James clear. The book is completely based on the habits of an individual, and the author has also talked about life hacks that can help us achieve great heights in life. He believes that one can accomplish more by focusing on something less.

The author has also given some simple steps to follow to change a life. By performing these easy changes, one can see long-lasting results. He has also emphasized building healthy habits as they can really help us be more productive, motivated, and satisfied; it’s a groundbreaking novel, though.


Just like their celestial spirit animal, Taureans love luxury and relaxation. They enjoy soft and smooth things like romantic music, sunsets, and flowers. The perfect book recommendation for them can be ‘A walk to remember.’

Book: A walk to remember

A walk to remember.

A classic novel by Nicholas Sparks. It is a romantic novel showcasing the love story of one wide and simple girl and dashing guy. In the story, a twisted fate flings them together, and momentarily they discover that they have fallen for each other. The book shows the transforming nature of love. It is a delightful read.


Here come the perfectionists. Have you come across certain people who are obsessed with getting everything done? They are Geminis. They are curious, erratic, play full, and Jolly. For them, the book recommendation can be ‘To kill a Mockingbird.’

Book: To kill a Mockingbird

To kill a Mockingbird

A book by Harper Lee. It has no match. It has an incredible plot. In this book, the lawyer advises the assistant to never kill a mockingbird. Hi, friend black man who was falsely charged with the rape of a white girl. Through this novel, The author brings to light the violence and hypocrisy that is present in the justice system and how difficult it is for a black man to get justice. It is a historical drama and an anti-racist novel. Do give it a try.


On one side, they are loyal and caring, and on the other, they are moody and sensitive. They have the ability to be hyper-emotional. Cancerians are protective of their loved ones. The best book for them is ‘The little book of Self-care.

Book: The little book of Self-care

The little book of Self-care

This is a very inspiring and refreshing book. It consists of 100 easy activities to help you reconnect with your mind, body, soul, and surroundings. Reading this book will calm your mind and make you feel energetic. Selfcare air is a form of self-love, and it is a crucial part of our well-being. This book will briefly talk about self massages, meditations, and various other things related to self-care. You will definitely enjoy reading it.


Here are the natural leaders. Big-hearted and full of compassion, they possess energy like no other. The best book for Leo is ‘You should see me in a crown.

Book: You should see me in a crown

You should see me in a crown

In this book, the protagonist feels that he’s black poor, and awkward for her society. She has made a plan to get out of the country she lives in forever and attend college and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. However, something unexpected happens, which shatters her dreams, and she feels like wildlife has been crashing down. The protagonist is smart and has a funny character. This is a good interesting read. You can add fun to your weekends by reading this book.


The ones with a humble and practical nature. Virgos has a lot of mental strength and is a quick thinker. For them, the best book is ‘She’s the worst.’

Book: She’s the worst.

She's the worst

A splendid novel, where two sisters have just 24 hours to fulfill a pact and get over the secret that can tear them apart. The two sisters were never really close as they were too busy with their work in school. But when the younger sister knows that the older sister is upset and sad, she decides to do something about that. But then she discovers that the older sister is hiding a secret that could draw the family apart—everything changes. Now the girls are called only one day to figure out the things. You can get to know her secret by reading this book.


The diplomatic and friendly pals. Librans like peace and harmony. They have a welcoming nature. The best book for them is ‘The Belated Bachelor’s party.

Book: The Belated Bachelor’s party

The Belated Bachelor's party

This is a funny novel, something you would really enjoy. It is about a group of friends who never got a chance to have a bachelor’s party. So now, when they finally got a chance to meet each other, they decided to have a belated bachelor party. They plan a trip to visit some European countries. Their journey unfolds various memories from their college days. The fun and adventures they had on their trip are something you can never even imagine. This book will make you laugh out loud. So wait no more to grab your copy.


They are determined, honest, and ambitious. Also, they are rigid and stand by their beliefs. A perfect book for them can be ‘Mrs. Dalloway’.

Book: Mrs. Dalloway

Mrs Dalloway

A classic novel by Virginia Woolf. In this book, the author has explained the situation of women in high society in post-World War England. This book is the author’s one of the most famous novels. This book reveals an inter-war social structure and is listed in Time magazine’s 100 best English language novels written since 1923.


They are freedom lovers, fair-minded, and optimists. Sagittarius are fun-loving and have a lot of friends. The best book for them can be ‘Zen and the art of happiness. 

Book: Zen and the art of happiness

Zen and the art of happiness.

It is a self-help book based on Zen philosophy, a Japanese concept. There are no rigid rules in this book to follow. Rather, some simple and easy-to-do suggestions can make you see good in every difficult situation and open the doors to lifelong happiness. This book has some mind-blowing illustrations to give clarity about the concepts.


They are upright and realistic. But Capricorns can easily become fussy and irritable. The best book for them can be ‘With the fire on High.’

Book: With the fire on High

With the fire on High

A mind-blowing novel by Elizabeth Acevedo. The book won the CLIP Carnegie Medal in 2019. This book is about a girl who has made tough decisions throughout her life. This girl with the soul of fire and magical hands in cooking wanted to become a chef. However, her life wasn’t that simple. It is definitely a must-read book.


Aquarius are unique and highly creative. Also, they are calm and affectionate. The best book for them can be ‘Clap when you land.’ 

Book: Clap when you land

Clap when you land.

This is a book by Elizabeth Acevedo. This is a story about the protagonist who is fighting to wait and to see her father, but soon her excitement shatters when her mother confronts her that her father died in a plane crash. The protagonist is forced to live a new reality which is very dark and heartbreaking. This was an award-winning novel, and the best-selling author, by way of this noble, has thrown some light on the devastation of loss and how difficult it is for humans to forgive someone when something unexpected happens.


They are imaginative and emotionally sensitive. They are also generous and have reserved personalities. The best book for them can be ‘Big Magic.’

Book: Big Magic

Big magic

This is a book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Readers of all ages have found inspiration and motivation in this book. The author, Elizabeth, has shared her words of wisdom with Aadhar on personal experiences. Also, from her friends and other people whom she believes her role model. It is a book of wonder, and once you start reading get, your journey e of self-discovery and exploration will begin.

I hope you like our recommendations. We will bring more exciting books recommendations for you to read. Do share these books with your friends. Stay Tuned. Happy Reading.

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