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10 Best Books by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an Indian-American award-winning author and poet. Divakaruni’s works are largely set in India and the United States and often focus on the experiences of South Asian immigrants.

The author Chitra writes for children and adults and has published novels in multiple genres, including realistic fiction, historical fiction, magical realism, myth, and fantasy. Apart from that, she is also an activist and a writing teacher.

She lives in Houston with her family. Moreover, her work has been published in more than 50 magazines and many anthologies. 

Here is the fantastic collection of the best books by Chitra Banerjee.

The Palace of Illusions: A Novel 

palace of illusions

This is one heck of a book. The author has taken us on a magical journey to history. This is a tale of Mahabharata where the narrator is Draupadi. Through this novel, she has emphasized the contributions of women in state politics and how they were affected by the family rivalry. It talks about the crucial role played by women like Kunti, Draupadi, Gandhari, Uruvi, and other significant women. Palace of Illusions is an epic story that will change how you look at this story. 

Sister of My Heart

Sister of My Heart

This is a bestselling novel about the connection between two women. Where one is extremely beautiful, and the other one is not. The day these two girls were born, their fathers’ died unexpectedly. They shared a beautiful bond and were sisters of the heart. But soon, one discovers a dark secret related to the other, and their bond is no longer the same. For the first time, they develop a feeling of distrust and suspicion. This book reveals a lot of family secrets and jealousies that are a threat to their relationships. Read the book to know what exactly happened.

The Mistress of Spices 

The Mistress of Spice

Published in 1998, it is classic work by the author and, of course, the bestselling novel. It is a story of a young woman who had the magical power of the mystical art of spices. Now in the body of an old woman, the woman falls for a guy. She is now stuck between choosing everlasting life or the complications of modern society.

The Forest of Enchantments

The Forest of Enchantments1

One of the World’s greatest epics is presented by the author, where the narrator is the goddess, Sita. This book shares the heroic tale of goddess Sita and various other women like Urmila, Mandodari, Surpanakha. It is a tale of Ramayana written from a feminist perspective. It is an inspirational story of how women must be treated in society and how one should never trade their self-respect for anything. This book will give you some amazing life lessons on relationships, friendship, love, and self-respect.

Before We Visit the Goddess

This is a beautiful and deeply affecting novel. It is a story of three generations of mothers and daughters. These women find their strength in each other. This book takes the readers on an extraordinary journey, where their wrong actions take them to some unexpected turns in their lives, and they have to face the same repercussions. These mothers have given some incredible lessons to their daughter and the readers as well—a book about love, hope, and bravery.

The Last Queen

The Last Queen

Published in 2021, a heroic tale of Rani Jindan Kaur. She was the last wife of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the queen mother to the last heir to the throne, Raja Dalip Singh. This book throws light on the victories of the Sarkar and how state politics changed just after the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. She has brought to light the brave works of Rani Jindan Kaur and her struggles. The way she fought till the end to preserve her motherland. It is a must-read book for everyone.

The Vine of Desire

vine desire

In this book, the emotional bond between the two friends was challenged. Their friendship turns upside down when the husband of one starts liking the other one. This is a story full of suspense and turns. It is a perfect book to make your weekends better.

One Amazing Thing

One Amazing Thing

It is the story of nine people who stay outside the visa office, entangled in their own personal issues. These nine people include a couple whose relationship is falling, a teenager with an unexpected gift, a student troubled by her love-related issues, a Muslim-American, an African-American soldier, a Chinese grandmother, and two visa officers. But then an earthquake strikes, and they all are stuck together in that office. When the emotional and physical stress becomes too much for them, the college student comes up with an idea to share a tale from their lives that they have never shared before. That is why the book is named ‘One Amazing Thing.’ It is a very interesting book.

Queen of Dreams

Queen of Dreams

Published in 2005, it is a beautiful story of mothers and daughters and the love shared between them. This is about a single mother who is struggling to get over her relationship with her ex-husband. She was going through a creative dry spell and was struggling to raise her daughter in the best way possible and save her teahouse. But her world becomes more difficult than ever when a national tragedy takes place, and now she needs her mother’s strength and wisdom more than ever. She finds her mother’s journal, which helps her fight her fears—a beautiful read for everyone.

The Unknown Errors of Our Lives: Stories

The Unknown Errors of Our Lives- Stories

This is an amazing book consisting of nice poignant stories where the author has talked about situations when an individual feels stuck between past and present or between home and abroad or between tradition and fresh experiences. It is a story of a woman who shifts to California and finds it very difficult to settle in the new world, where the neighbors are strangers. It is a story where the author talks about the balance between the memories of the past and the allure of change.

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