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7 Tips To Maintain a Work-life Balance in the 21st Century

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Today we see millennials dominating the workforce, brainstorming new startups every day, leading businesses, and so on- everyone subconsciously involved in the rat race to professional success; maybe that’s why they call us the human race.

Is getting that pitch ready for tomorrow’s meeting in front of the big company getting in the way of attending your own kid’s birthday party?

We all can agree that at some point, we put our emotional and personal needs in the backseat to focus completely on our dream career.

The stakes are pretty high here; maybe when you eventually make it big, you may lose yourself and the essence of having a meaningful life.

1. Understand the limitations of the ‘Rise and Grind’ motto

Importance of Maintaining a Work-life Balance

The motto’ rise and grind’ are quite humorless; poor mental health can directly affect your work performance, loss of motivation, or conflicts between your colleagues. There is a fine line between doing your work meticulously every time and becoming a workaholic.

The hugely successful movie Fight Club finds its audience among the working class in the present postmodern age; it portrays the disconnect of the people from themselves, only to be fueled by capitalism and greed.

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It warns us of the dangers of becoming very invested in our professional needs and ending up ignoring our personal needs, relationships, and mental well-being.

2. Maintaining a work-life balance does not mean you have to be a perfectionist

It is equally important that organizations concentrate on meeting their employees’ emotional and personal needs to yield the best results.

Emotional disconnection and lack of interpersonal relationships between the staff also lead to a loss of motivation to work.

A work-life balance is what every vows to abide by; the environment at home directly affects your work in the office. Having a work-life balance does not mean you need to be a perfectionist at everything; this kind of behavior will only add to the stress.

3. Do not carry your work home

Importance of Maintaining a Work-life Balance

Do not carry your work home; technology has made even this possible. The stress from working all day in the office will only compound if you take your work home.

Take your mind off all work once you reach the doorstep; this abode is supposed to be a getaway from all stress and workload. Shut your phone off or develop the control to make only emergency calls and not reply to every notification that lights up your phone screen.

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4. Your day off from work calls for self-care

Weekends call for self-care time- put that on your calendar. I cannot stress enough about the need for a hobby, something that is selfish for yourself. Doing meditation, yoga, or exercising works wonders for a stressed mind. Equally important to self-care Mis spending time with your loved ones.

If you’re not doing well physically or mentally, do not shy away from calling in sick instead of overworking and placing your health on the line.

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5. Invest your time in the needs of your family and friends

Importance of Maintaining a Work-life Balance

In families where the couples work a 9-5 job, the relationships get strained due to a lack of time to spend with each other. The situation tends to become more convoluted when they have kids since they grow up in an environment where their parents are seen always rushing off to work without a word or less.

Reports suggest an ever-increasing number of divorce rates and breaking up of families, which only discourages the idea of achieving a work-life balance in their lives.

Go to your kid’s sports day; do a family outing once in a while. Spend time with your parents and ask them how they have been doing. It goes without saying that you should partake in doing your share of chores around the house- those dishes are not going to wash!

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Plan a surprise for your partner and share your problems with them. You will discover the wonders that a successful personal life can have on your work the next day at the office. You will feel more motivated and connected to your work.

6. Work-life balance for a woman in the 21st century

A successful work-life balance can only be done by making your daily schedule flexible rather than maintaining a rigid one. With context to female workers, there’s a hint of problematic conservatism in the fact that the wife has to be a domestic goddess as well as a successful professional at work.

This construct of a woman who has to be the one to balance both the household and her office perfectly is a problematic one because it isn’t a realistic idea. Instead of treating them as Wonder Woman’s, we should acknowledge the socio& -cultural barriers they are faced with even today in the 21st century.

7. Instead of a sudden drastic change in your schedule, take small steps

If you’re looking to change this script of your life, I suggest you start small. Invest in personal relationships with the same enthusiasm you invest in your professional success. After all, everything will be futile if you don’t have your family and friends to share in your professional success.

Being invested in maintaining a peaceful environment at home reflects directly on your work life as well as your personal relations and mental well-being.

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