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Cannabis and the Power of Introspection

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Among the marijuana use circles, the drug has gained popularity for its range of effects. One of them is its ability to guide stoners through introspection.

Reviewers look at the best strains to try by AskGrowers and determine which are better for meditation. The extent of the effect is determined by the type of weed and the individual.

So, what is introspection?

Introspection is the act of looking within, kind of like meditating and gauging one’s feelings and capabilities. Through introspection, one can gauge their own set of beliefs, values, and what one can and cannot do. How does marijuana play into the picture?

How does Marijuana Impact the Brain?

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Since cannabis is a psychoactive drug, it brings forth certain effects on the body of the individual using it. The range of effects is not solely on the brain. The body is affected because the cannabinoid compounds interact with the muscles and joints.

For introspection, weed’s interaction with the brain is the most important. Researchers recently discovered that the brain has special receptors dedicated to working on marijuana cannabinoids. These receptors are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The two are located in the brain and impact the influence of cannabis on the brain and the body, respectively. 

With introspection, the receptor that is more impactful is CB1. It is responsible for the head high that most people associate with smoking marijuana. This results in euphoria, increased creativity, and in some cases, heightened focus. Among these effects, users also report high levels of introspection. In the end, cannabis becomes more useful during meditation and introspection. 

Major Health Benefits of Weed


In general, weed has numerous health benefits for the body. Users that take the drug for medicinal purposes mostly use it for relieving pain. Whether it is chronic pain from cancer or other illnesses such as Arthritis, cannabis has been reported to counter the same effectively. 

The other major benefit of marijuana is that it helps deal with fear, stress, and anxiety. As part of its psychoactive properties, cannabis helps users to do away with feelings of stress and anxiety. NHL players who admit to using weed report that they are not swamped with anxiety before their games. This results from the psychoactive effects where the brain receptors interact with cannabinoids leaving the user feeling relaxed. 

Other than the discussed benefits, there is also a boost to creativeness and general focus. Artists such as Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have constantly argued how marijuana helps to boost their creativity. When writing songs, drawing paintings, and any other creative task, weed has been connected to better outcomes in the end. 

Why Marijuana is Better for Meditation than Other Drugs?

How to Avoid Mold on Cannabis

When considering why to use weed during introspective sessions, you may wonder why it is better than other drugs or none. The starting point is that cannabis is organic and healthy. Unlike opioids and other drugs, it is packed with health benefits that improve the lives of its users. Though smoking has its set of negative impacts, the effect of cannabinoids is better. 

Also, to counter the negativity of smoking, you can choose to use tinctures and edibles. These are safer methods that result in minimal health issues. The main reason weed is better is because it has varied effects on the body, which is something the users can benefit from. 

Best Strains for Meditation

Before starting your introspection powered by weed, you may have to think about strains. Though all marijuana has psychoactive and therapeutic properties, some have stronger effects than others. It all comes down to the strains that one uses. Here are some of the best strains for meditation;

Northern Lights

This variant is famous among yoga and meditation circles. It brings forth a sedative, euphoric feeling. When smoked or ingested, it starts with a cerebral high that will later turn into a tranquilizing effect. During the cerebral high, users report feelings of relaxation and focus that allow them to look within. 

Blue Dream

Blue Dream starts with a head high that travels throughout the body later. It is highly packed with helpful cannabinoids to relax the mind and the body. Once ingested, users report a feeling of calmness that washes over the entire body within minutes. With these effects, one can relax and enjoy their introspective time. 

Laughing Buddha

While the name points to giggles and laughter, this strain has underlying sedative effects on the person. It is highly influential for meditative purposes. Whether practicing yoga or simply meditating, the variant does away with stress and distractions, giving the users the chance to introspect. 

Grandaddy Purple

This particular strain burns with a berry aroma. It is packed with psychoactive effects where the user feels a head high that later turns to a full body high. Regardless of its upbeat properties, the strain is best used for meditative purposes. One can introspect and focus on other meditation activities without being constantly distracted by the outside world. 


Introspection is one of those helpful activities that anyone can benefit from. It allows individuals to gauge their abilities and determine where they are in life. While weed has been known for its stimulating effects, it can also come in handy during introspection and meditation.

The only thing you have to consider is which strain you are using. Not all variants will lead you to a calm introspection. Some will leave you sleepy and others full of energy. Our review touches on some of the best strains for the task of introspection.

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