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How to Build Your Baby’s Wardrobe for Fall?

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When preparing for your little one to arrive, parents must prepare a lot beforehand. One of the most important tasks is to have ample clothing ready for when they come. However, expecting parents, especially first-time parents, often run into the issue of the number of clothes to buy for their baby. 

There are a lot of cute fall baby boy clothes on The Trendy Toddlers, but you must avoid the temptation to purchase every cute item you see because babies grow rapidly, and you may only be able to dress them up in a cute outfit once or twice before they outgrow them. Therefore, you should be practical and keep fancy clothes to a minimum.

What to Consider Before Buying Clothes for Your Baby? 

A commonly asked question among new parents is how many clothes they should buy for their newborn baby. However, there is no set answer for this as you need to consider various factors that may change the number of clothes your baby will need. 

How Frequently Do You Do Your Laundry?

The number of times you do your laundry each week is a huge factor to consider when purchasing clothes for your baby. If you have easy access to a laundry machine, you may not need as many clothes as you can load up the washing whenever you want. However, if you have access to a laundry machine only once or twice a week, you may need to stock up on clothes. 

Furthermore, it also depends on how willing you are to wash your newborn’s clothes. If you are too busy to do so, having more outfits on hand will be extremely useful. 

Clothes Size

When purchasing clothes, many parents get confused with clothing sizes. There are clothes for 0-3 months and for newborns or 0-month-olds. However, most newborns do not fit into the clothes size 0-3 months. 

baby clothes

Therefore, it is recommended that you have some newborn-size clothes on hand. Most babies grow out of these within a couple of weeks. Thus, it is not recommended to buy a lot of outfits in this size. 


baby clothes1

The season your baby is born also plays a huge role in the number of clothes you purchase. If your child is born in summer, there is little need for layering and purchasing multiple vests and jackets. 

If your child is born in winter, your baby clothes shopping will be much more extensive as you need to buy extra items such as sweaters, jackets, etc. 

Basic Items You Should Purchase for Fall

If the weather is getting colder, you may need to add layers to your baby’s attire. In this case, you should have a few essentials in your baby’s wardrobe, making layering much easier. 


baby Onesies

Onesies are a must-have for babies regardless of the weather outside. When the temperature starts to drop, they are excellent for layering under cute outfits. You can also combine them with a pair of cute pants to have your baby dressed in a more casual look.

Since onesies are a basic clothing item, you should have at least four to seven. There is also a lot of variety, so you can buy solid colors to layer and cute patterned ones to turn into outfits. 

Footed Sleepers

baby Footed Sleepers

Temperature naturally drops at night, and since you cannot cover your baby with a blanket, you should invest in a footed sleeper. 

However, you should always get one that has a zipper or snaps and is easy to take off in case there is a diaper incident at night. Many suggest that you should have at least five or four-footed sleepers. 


baby turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are excellent for adding an extra layer to your outfit. You can choose a long-sleeved or sleeveless one depending on the outfit you want your baby to wear. 

However, you should ensure that the neckline is stretchy and has some kind of zipper or snap so you can easily put it on and take it off. 


baby Jackets

As the temperature drops, a lightweight jacket can help keep your baby warm and snug. Depending on the weather, you can choose one with or without a hoodie. 

Hats, Mittens, and Socks

baby hats, mittens, and socks

It is important that your baby’s extremities are kept warm. Therefore, hats, mittens, and socks are a must if you intend on taking your baby out. It may also serve you well to have extras of everything as babies are prone to gnaw on their hands and get everything wet. 


When you are expecting parents, you have many plans on how you will dress up your baby and all the trendy clothes you will have them wear. 

However, you must have all the basics ready if you are expecting your baby in the fall because the colder temperature requires a little bit of extra preparation.

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