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How to Help a Loved One Deal With Loss

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Regardless of the reason behind losing a loved one, their passing leaves a hole in your heart. While time can heal that wound, it does require the support of your friends and family to cope with the loss. 

Sometimes, you are at the other end of this support system, where your loved one is going through the loss of someone dear to them. In such cases, you need to establish that you are there for them every step of the way. Doing so can be tricky, but as long as you remain sincere in your actions, it gives your friend or family member the message of your unconditional support.

To help you through this difficult phase, here are a few ways to help a loved one deal with loss.

Use the Power of Flowers

From roses to lilies to everything in between, blossoms hold a deep meaning to their presence. In addition to being some of the most beautiful gifts of nature, flowers are also known for their destressing properties. Due to these reasons, they make for a gesture of solidarity during times of grief. 

By getting funeral flowers, you can make sure to tell your loved ones that you are standing right beside them during their loss. Besides being a reminder of your support, they are also a good way to pay respects to the deceased. Since these flowers are available through a variety of reliable vendors, getting them is as easy as ordering them online. 

Take Charge of Meal Responsibilities

When your loved one is going through a deep loss, managing or preparing their own meals is the last thing on their mind. At such a tough time, someone else must take this responsibility off their shoulders and ensure they eat properly for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

If you live close by or happen to stay with your loved one for support, you can easily fulfill these duties. Simply buy a meal kit and take a little time out of your day to freshly prepare each dish for them. This small activity can go a long way towards helping your loved one show interest in food and provide them with the energy to find their purpose in life again.

Suggest Grief Counseling Solutions

In many situations, simply being there for your loved ones and speaking to them on a regular basis can help them cope with their loss. But in other instances, they may need professional counseling services to manage their grief. You can offer online grief counseling right off the bat while also being available for private conversations. 

By giving your loved ones a way to air out their grief with the help of a professional and also being present whenever they need to talk to you, you can help them manage their loss in multiple ways. This also ensures that they are getting specialized assistance, which allows them to learn how to cope in a healthy way.

Plan Engaging Activities With Them

Once the first few days after the funeral have passed, you can slowly start introducing the idea of engaging activities. From taking a walk around the block to solving a jigsaw puzzle together, these social and fun activities can go a long way towards helping your loved one. You can also modify these ideas according to what they like doing the most. 

For instance, if your loved one appreciates reading, you can join an online book club together. Similarly, if they like the outdoors, you can plan a short hiking trip to keep their mind off of their sad thoughts. When combined with professional counseling and your own conversations, this can be a highly profound way to restore your loved one’s interest in their regular lifestyle. 

While following these suggestions, make sure that you are not pushing your loved one to speed through the stages of grief. Instead, let them take their time and have them process their trauma at their own pace.

By practicing patience and compassion, you can fulfill the purpose of being a strong support system for them when they need you the most.

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