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Living With a Lodger: How to Co-Habit Effectively

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It is no secret that owning a home is a huge financial commitment. Sometimes, the monthly bills and cost of upkeep can really start to add up, and it can put a lot of strain on you.

In these instances, it can be a good idea to have a lodger to help split the costs. 

Today, we will be discussing some top tips on how you can co-habit effectively to help you create a happy home. 

Divide Chores

Housework can often be a popular subject during arguments. So, it is important that you divide chores up equally. If one person is stuck doing all the housework, this can quickly lead to a disagreement which can then make the living situation rather uncomfortable. Instead of delegating the roles, it is important to discuss between yourself and your lodger. There may be some chores that they are more comfortable doing than others. So, it is important to find that happy medium. 

It can help to research common household chores to help you write down a list of what you will need to do. Having a list will make it a lot easier to help you decide who is doing what when it comes to the sit-down discussion. 

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries from the moment your lodger moves in is a must. This can help you to avoid any problems that you may have experienced further down the line.

Setting boundaries will allow both you and your lodger to declare what you are and aren’t comfortable with. This can be anything from personal space to household items that you want to share.

There may be a few things that you and your lodger disagree on, and this is totally normal. It is how you deal with these issues that will help make your co-habiting a success. Communication is key. 

Split All Monthly Bills 

Splitting the monthly bills is essential and something that should be discussed prior to your lodger moving in. This helps both of you have a clear understanding of what needs to be paid for each month to avoid any confusion further down the line. It is no secret that energy bills are significantly rising, and there are a few things that both you and your lodger can do to help lower their cost.

Switching appliances off instead of leaving them on standby is a simple but effective tip. Your boiler is also something in your home which could be drastically increasing your bill. 

If your boiler is old, it may be time to replace it. Not only could you save yourself a lot of money on your energy bills, but you could also enjoy a warmer home this winter. A new boiler can cost a lot of money, and that can sound rather daunting.

Luckily, boiler finance exists, and you can now install a new boiler and pay monthly for it. You can get boiler finance here at the click of a button with the help of Boiler Central.

Decorate Together 

You don’t want your lodger to feel like they are a guest in your home. After all, if they are paying half of all the bills, you want them to feel like it is their home too. One way that you can help your lodger to feel involved in the decision-making in the house is to let them decorate with you.

It can be a nice idea to go out shopping together for some homeware pieces or even paint one of the rooms in the house together. It will help you to express shared ownership of the space. 

There is plenty of home décor inspiration online, which both you and your lodger can explore together. This will also help you both create a closer bond whilst really making your house a home. Sure, there may be some design ideas that you disagree on, but this is all part of the fun and creative process – find that happy medium!


If you want to co-habit effectively, then you need to prioritize communication. If you feel like your lodger is doing something to make you feel uncomfortable or vice versa, it is important that you both have the confidence to communicate your issues to one another. Without it, your living situation can soon become very uncomfortable, and it may even lead to disagreements further down the line. 

If you are not a confident communicator, then luckily, there is an abundance of helpful advice out there. You won’t have to travel far to find some communication tips that you can put into practice.

With clear lines of communication in place, both you and your lodger are sure to work towards a successful co-habiting partnership. Don’t be afraid to air out any issues that you notice straight away to avoid problems in the future. 

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