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The Ultimate Guide to Building a Functional Home

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Imagine yourself shifting into a new house. You spend weeks buying décor pieces from various stores, only to realize that there’s no practical use for them.

Aesthetics and functionality may not always go hand in hand in a house. You may end up compromising one for the other. While some say that building a functional home is crucial, it should also feel like home.

How to Create a Functional Home?

Having a functional house means having a house that is clean, organized, and easy to manage. Each room should serve a practical purpose. So, where should you begin? The layout of the house is the key to a functional home. It should be airy and well ventilated.

The flow of the house should ease your chores. Its design and décor should support your lifestyle. There are countless ways where you can combine aesthetics and function. Here is the ultimate guide to functional home décor ideas:

a. Start with Decluttering

The first step to building a functional home is to have control over your belongings. If you keep bumping into furniture or need to tidy the house several times, it’s time to declutter.

A functional home feature is a clutter-free house. A good way to declutter is by segregating the extra stuff into piles. You could make three piles, namely, ‘Keep,’ ‘Throw,’ and ‘Indecisive’ and move forward from there.

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b. Create Vertical Spaces

Another reason why it’s difficult to accommodate storage is the underutilization of wall space. Walls are often used for decorative purposes. Most walls are filled with paintings, pictures, or décor items. However, creating using your wall space can be a game-changer for functional home decor. 

  • Use hanging walls or cabinets for light items such as bowls, vases, bottles, books, etc.
  • Customizable floating shelves could be used to hang cookware, store spices, etc.
  • Wall hooks could be used to hang items like keys, hats, bags, etc.

c. Use Self-Cleaning Glass

Conservatory roofs in houses are the new definition of ‘chic’ and ‘modern.’ While conservatory glass roofs are aesthetically appealing, they may not be functional. You may need to invest a huge amount of time in cleaning them each day. Here’s where self-cleaning glasses come to your aid. Their technology breaks down dirt on its own through natural conditions. You save a huge chunk of time with just a small change. However, check the ambience range of modern self-cleaning conservatory glass before putting it up in your home.

d. Add Storage to Each Room

Storage isn’t only meant for the kitchen or the storeroom. It is important to have dedicated storage space for each room. For instance, you can store bathroom supplies in a cabinet in the bathroom itself. If you’re an avid reader, you can store your books near your bed or in the study. Having storage space in each room also makes it easier to find things. The next time you run out of detergent, you won’t need to go all the way to the kitchen to fetch it. 

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e. Make Sure It’s Flexible

Purchase items that serve multiple purposes. For example, you could buy a sofa cum bed for your living room. You may later use this sofa as a bed when family or friends come for sleepovers. By installing smart lighting, you can control them even outside the house. 

One of the best things about functional home decor is that it’s customizable. You may keep changing the layout of your house based on practicality. Having aesthetic storage spaces will serve dual purposes of functionality and decor. You may cover practical furniture such as sofas and beds with patterned linens. Remember to have an open mind while balancing functionality with design.

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