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Top 6 Cannabis Documentaries Worth Binging This Summer

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As more states legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, many people are eager to learn about the plant. What better way to educate yourself than through a weed documentary? 

These programs cover topics ranging from legislative issues and cultural phenomena to cultivating regular cannabis seeds. They depict the reality of the social problems surrounding marijuana through firsthand narratives and bring awareness to a broad audience.

Are you ready for an entertaining learning experience? Then read our list of the top six cannabis documentaries showcasing different weed industry aspects. If only all higher education was this engaging.

1. Murder Mountain, Netflix

True crime, and a darker side of marijuana culture meet in Murder Mountain. This six-episode series documents salacious tales of mystery and killing in a small part of Humboldt County, California. 

The area produces 60% of the U.S.’s black market cannabis crops. It’s also overwhelmed with unsolved missing persons and homicide cases, earning the town its infamous nickname. 

The story begins by following the trail of Garret Rodriguez, who went in search of riches amongst the marijuana fields. However, he went missing shortly after. The investigation into his whereabouts exposes a wild, lawless trade that forever changes the community.

Shocking and surreal, this intriguing documentary about weed is gripping from start to finish.

2. Rolling Papers, Amazon Prime

After the legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado, local newspaper The Denver Post launched a website dedicated to weed articles. Rolling Papers provides a look into how journalists covered the early days of decriminalization.

The movie shadows the team during their first year as they try to get people to take them seriously. A former budtender writes strain reviews in lighthearted scenes, and a columnist discusses using pot while parenting.

Filmmakers also raise serious issues like using medical marijuana to treat cancer patients and investigating the THC levels in CBD gummies. This collection of stories successfully highlights exciting aspects of the legal cannabis industry.

Rolling Papers is an amusing weed documentary capturing an enthusiastic, fresh attempt to keep newspapers current. The cut scenes of marijuana strains are also a visual feast for any cannabis connoisseur.

3. Super High Me, Amazon Prime

Super High Me follows comedian and well-known stoner Doug Benson as he gets high for 30 days straight. His goal is to chart the effects marijuana has on the human body before, during, and after his month-long binge.

Watch Doug complete IQ, psychological, and medical examinations with surprising and unexpected results. Then, to add to the fun, he takes viewers along on his standup tour across the U.S.

This weed documentary movie is more than a quest to smoke as much cannabis as possible. Instead, it examines the debate over medicinal marijuana use and features thought-provoking interviews with individuals at various political levels.

Check it out if you’re in the mood for big laughs accompanied by hard-hitting revelations.

4. Weed the People, Netflix

Director Abby Epstein carefully refutes the opinion that pot is a gateway drug in Weed the People. She shows the struggles of families using cannabis to fight cancer to emphasize a more meaningful side to legalization.

The film uses intimate details to demonstrate how marijuana eases patients’ symptoms, sometimes achieving astonishing results. It also examines the research into cannabis as medicine and how lawmakers often overlook it.

Despite its serious tone, this movie is one of the best documentaries about marijuana. It contrasts arguments of those trying to restrict access against weed’s positive impact on thousands of lives. 

The result is an informative, bittersweet piece on human rights issues and how far families go to find a cure.

5. Weediquette, Hulu 

Travel with media correspondent Krishna Andavolu as he reports on the science, culture, and economics of cannabis decriminalization. Weediquette tackles complex topics like driving under the influence, autism treatment, and veterans using CBD to treat anxiety and PTSD. 

In each episode, Krishna meets with people from all walks of life impacted by the plant. Every chapter offers insightful and educational information on interesting angles in the world of weed.

This series is one of the great marijuana documentaries serving as an ode to cannabis. The host’s charisma and charm make the series lovable and incredibly binge-worthy. 

6. Breaking Habits, Amazon Prime 

Christine Meeusen didn’t allow her husband’s betrayal to stop her from creating a decent life for her family. Breaking Habits chronicles how the former business executive started a new company centered on marijuana cultivation.

After a few hiccups, Kate finds success when she and the women she employs wear religious habits. She names her group Sisters of the Valley and labels herself as an “anarchist, activist nun.” They have no ties to the Catholic church.

Breaking Habits features unique characters who battle anti-cannabis activists while trying to provide natural pain remedies. There’s even a gunfight that sees the weed nuns grabbing their rifles in a drama-filled scene.

Although this isn’t a serious take on the topic, it’s still one of the top marijuana documentaries. The movie advocates for cannabis reform through entertaining narratives and uplifting moments.

Educate Yourself Through the Power of Film

We chose the best cannabis documentaries to inspire. They challenge perspectives and come with a sense of urgency to change the current marijuana climate. There isn’t an easier way to gain information and amusement than through the power of film.

What are you waiting for? Grab your snacks and take your pick of our selection of the top weed documentaries to expand your mind on all things cannabis. 

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