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5 Hairstyles to Hide Hair Loss For Men & Women

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Long ago, losing hair was associated with aging. However, today the condition has infiltrated into all age groups. Stress, changing lifestyles or genetics, what exactly triggers hair loss is a never-ending debate. 

How you can conceal thinning hair is the next big question. If you are having a severe form of hair loss, we suggest reading this finasteride guide or consulting a doctor to learn about proven treatments. 

Moreover, your barber may also help in making your hair look dense and healthy. Below are the 5 popular hairstyles for men and women to try with thin hair. Scroll down and pick the one that excites you the most!  

5 Best Hairstyles to Hide Hair Loss in Women 

1. Layered Bob 

Layered Bob 

Cutting hair short is a decades-old trick to add volume to hair. Though a bob cut alone can make the hair look fuller, trying layers alongside will further improve the look. Layered bobs are generally a bit longer than ear-length but shorter than shoulder-length. 

To add layers to the bob, the hairdresser will cut a section of hair shorter than others. This will add texture and dimension to the overall look. If you are afraid to cut your hair too short, try a blunt bob. They will be a little longer and will also make your hair look voluminous. 

2. Bangs


Bangs with different hairstyles can give you a fashionable look. Fringes/Bangs are the hair strands that fall from the front hairline and generally rest right above eyebrows. However, they can vary in length. 

For thinner hair, you can pair bangs with a layered round bob, especially if your face cut is triangular or square. For a round face shape, try side bangs long enough to reach the cheekbones. 

Other than that, long shags, wispy shag, long side-swept bangs are befitting for those wanting to keep their hair long.  

3. Short Pixie Cut 

Short Pixie Cut

The more the length of hair, the more they are pulled downward. This implies that the bald spots and thinning areas are given out easily with longer hairstyles. As the pixie cut is a short haircut, it is obvious that your hair will look voluminous. But only the daring ones will try it as it is one of the shortest haircuts you will ever have. 

For a pixie cut, the barber will either cut your overall hair to a similar length or will trim the back or sides a bit shorter than the rest of the hair. Generally, this haircut has a length of 1/2 inches to 3 inches. They suit best on oval and round face shapes. 

4. Front Layers 

Front Layers 

Front layers are a solution to those experiencing receding hairlines. You can part them sideways or from the middle; the layers will add volume along with concealing the hairline. So, even if your overall hair is thinning, this hairstyle can work well for you. 

Plus, as this style suits all face cuts and can be worn at different hair lengths, take it as a versatile option. Customize the length of layers as per your choice, wear them simply around your face or style with fancy headbands, and you are all set to rock this new look! 

5. Loose Braids

Loose Braids

Not only do the haircuts, but styling your hair smartly can also improve their look. For example, a tight braid will make your hair look thinner and can also damage the scalp and hair follicles. 

On the contrary, loose braids won’t hurt the hair and can make them look fuller. You can even have a weave braided in your hair that looks natural and makes the hair appear healthy and voluminous.

5 Best Hairstyles to Hide Hair Loss in Men

1. Razor Shave 

razor shave

Those having bald spots can hide them only by shaving their entire scalp. Though this sounds intimidating, having a bald scalp has its own perks. You won’t stress out every time you lose a patch of hair and will get to own your identity. 

Your style will be enough to distinguish you from others. Plus, you will be saved from bearing the hair maintenance expenses. Besides, with around 41% of patients facing advanced hair loss, we believe you won’t be alone with a shaved head. 

2. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Don’t want to go for a full shave? Try the masculine, cool, and military-inspired buzz cut. But, before heading to the barber, make sure to decide which type of buzz cut you want. 

The daredevils may go for the shortest version – induction buzz cut. This hairstyle involves shaving hair evenly, and it goes well with oval or rectangular face cuts. 

A less extreme form of a buzz cut is the high and tight cut. The hair is kept a bit longer on top while the sides and the back are shaved to the shortest length. Those wanting their face to look longer will probably stick to this haircut forever. 

3. Ivy League 

Ivy League

The fashionistas with a receding hairline can continue to look dapper with the Ivy League style. Though often confused with a crew cut, the Ivy League cut is a bit different. Just like the crew cut, the sides in Ivy League cut are also tapered but not to a very short length. 

The hair on top is also of enough length that you can easily comb them into the side part. However, the style is pulled off only by those having a fair volume of hair. 

4. Quiff plus Taper Fade 

Quiff plus Taper Fade

Taper fade involves gradually cutting down the side and back hair to the skin while leaving the top hair to a fair length. When paired with a classic quiff, the style looks more attractive and youthful. 

Also, this clean-cut can be worn on all occasions without giving any hints about your thinning hair.  

5. Faux Hawk 

Faux Hawk

Unlike the mohawk cut, the faux cut is less intense yet youthful and edgy. Those with receding hair can opt for the tamer version – short faux hawk. You will keep the top hair to a short length and will spike them by using some hair product. 

Wrapping Up 

Hair loss can get serious at any point in life. Nevertheless, with certain technological advancements, finding a solution to them has become easier. So, don’t lose hope in case these hairstyles don’t work out for you. The advanced treatments are the light at the end of the tunnel. Consult a doctor and inquire what else you can try. 

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