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21st-Century Shopping and Timeless Fashion Accessories

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Buying clothes and accessories has nothing in common with the buying of such items that was taking place during previous decades. Forty or fifty years ago, one would buy a clothing item and keep it for life, but now, people upgrade their wardrobe on a monthly basis.

e-Commerce businesses like Zalando and Amazon have given consumers the ability to buy items from multiple brands and to get them delivered to the delivery point of their preference, almost without having to move a finger. Such e-shops sell really good fashion items at pretty competitive prices and if you do not like what you bought, then you can simply pack it up and send it back.

Shopping Is no Longer an Activity that Takes Place in the Main Street


Technology has had a huge impact on our everyday lives and apart from activities that have always been powered by electronics, such as playing videos, it has managed to impact the fashion industry.

Nowadays, people deal with many of their daily activities via the Internet, and this does not only include playing games of chance like Hyper Gold at one’s favorite casino website, but it also includes browsing and shopping for clothes and accessories via e-shops. Once you would have to go to your local arcade in order to play video games and to your local shopping district to buy shoes, but now you can do all that simply by using your phone while you are sitting on your sofa.

Technology Goes Forward, but Fashion Trends Look to the Past

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The simplicity of online shopping and the borderless access to information has increased people’s desire to shop and to rediscover fashion trends that were long-forgotten. Out of nowhere, the men of 2023 are adapting fashion trends, which were popular in the 1980’s. On the one hand, this is normal as fashion trends regularly do comebacks, but seeing men dress like they came from the original Miami Vice movie is not something many people would have expected to see happening.

FILA Is Selling More Shoes than It Was Selling in the Nineties


Speaking of comebacks, there is a nineties company that is really making a difference in the fashion industry. The originally Italian FILA, which is now owned by South Korean investors, is selling just as many shoes as Under Armour and Puma. The company, which made basketball superstar Grant Hill a fashion icon, is selling one pair of 90s design shoes after another. The original Grant Hills are almost as popular as the Jordan retro shoes and as commonly sold as Scottie Pippen’s Nike Uptempo.

Backpacks – A Must-have that Never Goes out of Style

Types of backpacks have been around for almost 150 years, but ever since Fjällräven mainstreamed them, they have become the optimal carry-on accessory for all kinds of activities. Some people use it for traveling, others to carry their tech gear and others to carry their books when going to school. Backpacks come in many shapes and sizes, but they always serve the purpose of allowing the users to carry around the things they consider necessary.

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