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How to Stop Your Hair From Looking Greasy All the Time

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You’ve got to put in some effort to look your best and manage your appearance. After all, if you feel great about yourself, you’ll project an aura of confidence into the world. We can all try to do some basics, such as bathing, brushing our teeth twice daily, and putting on some makeup or a splash of aftershave or perfume. Dressing well is worth doing too, and you don’t have to break the bank to put together a decent outfit. If you look good, you’ll feel good about yourself and make a positive impression on other people.

But what if you’re prone to naturally greasy hair? Nothing can take your confidence down a few notches quicker than lank, greasy hair. Thankfully, you can do a few things to manage greasy hair. One of these is using a Redken Australia shampoo, but there are a few other tricks too. This helpful article will share them. Read on to discover how you can combat greasy hair.

Use a Specialised Shampoo

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You can invest in a special shampoo such as Redken, which is specifically formulated to combat greasy hair. These shampoos achieve this by removing the scalp oil buildup that causes your hair to become greasy. You may need to use this shampoo daily, or even every second day, to keep your hair from returning to an unseemly greasy state. You can combine the shampoo with a special conditioner to restore moisture and treat your hair, leaving it soft, smooth and silky. 

Work on Your Shampoo Technique

There’s a specific method to using shampoo; if you’re not using it correctly, it could cause your greasy hair woes. You should massage the shampoo into your scalp – where the oil comes from, instead of applying it to the ends of your hair. Massage it into your scalp, but don’t be too aggressive as this can irritate your scalp, and it will produce more oil if aggravated. Try not to create too much friction, as this will damage your hair follicles.

Clean Your Hair Brush

If you’re brushing freshly washed hair with a dirty hair brush, you may be putting the oil right back onto your clean head of hair. Any oil, products or other dirt gets easily trapped in your hair brush. Ensure you clean it after each brush using shampoo or soap. Ensure you remove all stray bits of hair from the brush too.

Avoid Touching or Playing With Your Hair

Any unnecessary touch can make your hair worse. Frequent touch will stimulate the oil glands in your scalp, causing the greasy look that you hate. Your hand will add skin oils to your hair too. So, avoid touching, twirling, fidgeting or running your hands through your hair.

Try Natural Remedies

You can try a few natural remedies to help combat your greasy hair. Coconut oil is one – apply it gently to your hair and scalp. The coconut oil will help lift natural scalp oil off your scalp and from your hair’s roots while also deeply hydrating your hair and head.

Apple cider vinegar is another excellent natural hair product, but ensure you dilute it with some water using a 1:1 ratio. Soak your hair in the mixture, and the treatment will help remove hair product buildup, balance your scalp’s pH levels and reduce frizziness. 

Tea tree oil is another excellent natural remedy that can combat dandruff, reduce greasiness and combat an itchy scalp. You can make a diluted mixture with water or buy a specialised tea tree shampoo. 

Shampoo After a Workout

hair fall shampoo

If you like to exercise, this could add to your greasy hair problems. When you sweat, you also sweat from your scalp, and the oils that come out with your sweat will make your hair greasy. You should time your shampoos with your workouts so your hair gets a decent wash after a period of strenuous exercise.

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Avoid Hats and Helmets

Putting anything on top of your head, such as a hat, beanie, or helmet, will spread scalp oils and trap heat on top of your head, resulting in greasy hair. Avoid these if you can, or only wear something when necessary, such as donning a helmet while riding your bicycle.

In Summary

This helpful article has shared how you can stop your hair from always looking greasy. Follow these tips for a smooth, luscious and silky head of hair.

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