signs a guy is in love with you

8 Signs That Show A Guy Is In Love with You

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Love is such a pious feeling, isn’t it! How would it be if you suddenly come to know that your colleague or a common friend like you? Obviously, you will be on cloud nine, knowing that someone likes you. But what if someone likes you and does not want to let you know thinking that you might turn him down and might break his heart.

Well, to know whether the boy you like also likes you, you do not have to study rocket science, below listed sign will help you know that he likes you or its just you.

1. He’s true Gentleman when He is around you

Though it’s curtsey to be humble and gentle with women, not all men follow this. The one who follows this is undoubtedly in love with you or has developed some feelings for you. The men who like you will always talk sweetly with you, especially in a public place. He will never offend you and second your opinion. Boys with such qualities are rare to find and if you are lucky to find one for yourself. Don’t wait, tell him three magical words.

2. He’s Protective for You

Another sign that can help you know whether the guy likes you or not is through his protective nature. Remember last time when you got into a verbal spat with your colleague, and he came in between to mend the differences or asked the person to back out. Or has he stayed late with you in the office making a random excuse that he has some extra work to do? Well, he might not tell you that he waited for you, but you can figure it out the same if he leaves the office with you or asks you to drop. Men are protective of girls they like. They will go to any extent to protect them without telling her.

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3. He is always with you

A man who genuinely loves you will want to spend quality time with you but without making you overwhelmed. He will make possible efforts, from helping you in a particular project to guiding you, just to remain with you. However, if he finds that you are not happy with his presence, he will leave no stone unturned to get away without letting you know. This is the sign of a true lover. A person who truly loves or likes you will never force himself on you. So watch out his actions and try to read his mind.

4. He will go Out of His Way

The man who likes you or has a feeling towards you will go out of his way to help you and make you happy. He will try to know the things that you like and things you won’t like. For example, if you do not like smoking or don’t expect your man to smoke, the guy who likes you will try his best to quit smoking. Or, it takes an extra effort to gift you something unique or something that you wanted from long but couldn’t find.

5. He Likes to Listen You

No matter how busy or occupied he is with work, he will make sure that you are doing well, and in case you need any help, he will always there for you. There must be times when he shared his childhood stories with you and intended for the same from you. This is also one of the signs to know that he likes you or not. Sharing stories and talking in length about certain things is the best way to know each other well, and if a guy is making a step to know you, he is definitely in love with you.

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6. He misses you when you aren’t around

This is the best way to find out whether he likes you or not. Man tends to like a girl more when she is not around. This is the time when they release her importance and miss them more. Some men are extrovert and will directly call the girl to find out where she is or why she hasn’t shown up. Obviously, he won’t tell you that he is missing you; he will give a random excuse. On the other hand, some men will not call you directly but ask a common friend or colleague to call you. He might text you or shares a funny thing with you just to connect with you virtually.

7. He Remembers Every Little Thing of yours

It so happens many times that you have to visit a doctor or your friend and you tend to forget it, but he does not forget it. He will remind you about the visit or ask the common friend to remind you. Or there might be a story of your childhood that you told him months back, and he still remembers. If the same thing has happened to you, then the man is surely in love with you. He might not reciprocate the same, but his gestures are enough to know what he likes you.

8. He does not make a Direct Eye Contact with you

Many theories say if a man does not make eye contact with you, that means he secretly likes you, and some theories say if he does not make direct eye contact, he is not interested in you. It depends on person to person, and each person behaves differently. Some men are too shy and reserved that they do not fix their eyes on you, and some are too upfront that often give a sneak at you. A true gentleman will never gaze you up and down; he will respect your body language and does not look you in the wrong way. You can quickly sense whether the guy is gentle or not through his gestures.

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