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How Metaverse is Rejuvenating Digital Marketing? by Kimberly Ring (Founder of Ring Communications)

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“I started my marketing firm 15 years before, and because I couldn’t get a job due to my lack of experience at firms, I thought to build something different for people and offer them opportunities and bring a change. I was motivated by a sheer determination to prove everybody wrong.” – Kimberly

Metaverse and Marketing industry

 We have been living in a domain ruled by social media for the past few decades, and the invention of metaverse has just rejuvenated the same pattern. The marketing industry is a popular field that deals with social media, PR, and other branches of marketing, and now digital marketing with metaverse. 

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Kimberly Ring, the founder of Ring Communications. In this interview, we have covered matters regarding the future of the marketing industry, lifestyle, and the backstory of Ring Communications.

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“Ring Communications is a full-service marketing firm, and we manage things ranging from social media to PR and cause marketing or wet marketing. We customize our marketing projects designed for our clients as per their needs, and we mainly focus on sports, entertainment, consumer goods, hospitality, travel and non-profit.” – Kimberly.

How could the metaverse rule the marketing industry in the future?

“A lot of marketers will be starting to think of virtual reality as a whole other marketing environment. With meta, it will be a whole other universe, and in the future, we will perhaps translate the marketing strategies of the physical domain to the virtual one, but I believe the core disciplines of marketing will be still there even if we modify the delivery of the strategy.” – Kimberly

Metaverse in our lifestyle

“I think we will quickly adopt the metaverse to our lifestyle; a lot of households nowadays own an oculus. People will perhaps start using that virtual aspect more than just a medium of entertainment, and slowly extend to other fields as well.” – Kimberly. 

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