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5 Reasons to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

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Although modern times are widely known as the era of individualism, we appear to think about anything and anyone except ourselves most of the time.

Our jobs, studies, significant others, children, relatives, pets, you name it, are usually at the center of our attention. There is always someone or something that you prioritize over yourself when it comes to important decisions or the dedication of your precious time.

This, in turn, might cause a lot of unnecessary stress, low mood, and lack of motivation, all of which can get us down. That’s why it’s important to sometimes take your time and write a message of love to yourself.

Value of A Thoughtful Message to Yourself

As living and conscious beings, we constantly strive to develop and become better every day. And oftentimes, we succeed quite a lot.

Yet, as we live with ourselves literally all the time, it sometimes gets hard to see and evaluate the results of our hard work. Even if we create and maintain an interesting blog that is highly praised even by some of the best writers, we might feel a bit underwhelmed.

Because of all stress and distractions, we might simply forget about how awesome, hard-working, creative and unique we are.

There are lots of ways to remind yourself about who you are, who you want to be, and why you get closer to that all the time. Essentially, the best way to do that the most efficiently is to do it directly.

Perhaps, there’s even no better way to constantly improve yourself than to constantly hear or see that you succeed. A love letter to yourself does that the best. It simply tells your future self how your current self is doing and how much better you have become after some time.

And there are more reasons to start writing a self-admiration letter right now, especially if you’re feeling down, even just a little.

5 Reasons to Express Your Self-Appreciation in Writing

Here is why writing a love letter to your dear self is a great idea:

  • Distract yourself from stress and negativity. With so many things to settle throughout the day, sitting down and doing something monotonous can largely relieve stress and calm you down. This is when you’ll start seeing yourself more clearly, being able to point out all the best sides and traits of your precious and unique character. On top of that, you’ll have your stress detox exercise for each day and will remain calmer for the rest of it.
  • Sort things out in your life. As you sit there, “look” within yourself, and meditate, you have a very good and rather rare chance to sort things out in your life. By taking a good look at yourself from different angles, you might see that some things in life bother you for nothing, while other issues can be resolved immediately. This will certainly set you on the right track with your thoughts and actions, create a great basis for your self-loving letter, and relieve you from some unnecessary stress.
  • Set yourself in the right direction. After you sort all the issues and any doubtful moments in your head, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what to do next and what direction to take. You might conclude that the future version of yourself must own a different car, visit a better hairdresser, or eat a better diet. And all these things can be decided quite easily exactly by writing a love letter to yourself, as this meditative process allows you to focus for a while on the most important part of your life – You.
  • Receive a daily dose of love and affirmation. Everybody needs a little bit of loving on a daily basis; that’s a scientific fact. If you can’t get enough of your deserved dose of happy hormones from external sources, just get them from yourself! Telling yourself how good you are at something or overall is also useful because that can boost your self-esteem. Write objectively, and you will clearly see your true value and merits, unclouded by personal judgment we are often driver by.
  • Get yourself a recommendation letter draft. Finally, as you focus on the important aspects of your character and learn to view them from the most positive perspective possible, you can portray yourself well for any future need that may arise. Your love letter can become a recommendation letter for a respected company or school in the future or serve as the basis for your CV. If that’s not a good practical use for the self-love letter, then nothing is, really.

Writing a love letter to yourself can be done for other reasons, too. The most important thing here is that it is helpful for you, either way.

The top experts, writing for the research paper, journal, or paper, recommend writing to yourself as a way to work on your writing style and practice putting ideas and feeling on paper. This can help you tremendously improve both your writing and your way of thinking.

Grab a Pen, And Let’s Go!

Trust people when you hear that in order to improve yourself, you need to see the potential you carry.

Once you clearly see yourself and how being you will help you succeed in the future, you’re going to have all the motivation you need to start working on yourself and getting the results you desire. As you write a love letter to yourself, you not only create a picture of that potential future-you but also lay a path to that future for yourself.

By sorting out what you can do now, what you want to do in the future, and how you’re working towards your goal today, you do all the work for the future version of yourself to be the best possible “You” you will be proud of.

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