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8 Crystals That Can Help Clear Your Mind And Regain Focus

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Clarity and focus are a luxury these days, thanks to people’s busy and fast-paced lifestyles. Modern technology and its constant updates tempt everyone to give it attention, frequently leaving one’s brain muddled. Without a clear mind, you are prone to making more mistakes and having a more difficult time solving the simplest of problems. 

When these situations become more frequent, it may be time to pick up a crystal or two. Crystals are believed to enhance positive energy to calm their wearer. So, if life starts to swamp you with stress and negativity, choose one of these crystals to wear or put in your pocket:

1. Clear Quartz

With a befitting name, clear quartz promotes a clear mental state. If you wish for a mindset free from distractions, having one on you should do the trick. This gemstone fosters harmony and helps you retain information more effectively. Hence, it’s perfect for those studying for exams and tests.

Clear quartz is also known as a healing gemstone. You can wear subtle healing stone bracelets made of clear quartz beads that will go well with any outfit. Slip one on your wrist before heading out to keep an open and lucid mind the whole day.

2. Amazonite

Amazonite is a stone with the beauty of the ocean’s depth. This crystal is an effective energy filter. Thus, if you use electronic gadgets often, a piece of this blue-green gemstone could purify the electromagnetic smog around you, clearing your head so you can always get your point across.

Crystals and their meanings often call forth positive messages and energy to put their users in a more balanced mind. When you wear jewelry made of amazonite, you can notice you’re more focused on your goals for the day. Therefore, you can address your deadlines easily with a trusty amazonite crystal worn on your wrist or neck.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Beautiful bright  round blue lapis lazuli beads close up on a wh

People in the field of law could benefit from having this stunning blue crystal worn as a pendant or ring. Lapis lazuli, literally meaning ‘blue stone,’ is known to encourage good judgment and enlightenment. This gemstone may open your eyes to objectivity to see and accept others’ different viewpoints.

Aside from those benefits, lapis lazuli may also release anger. Pent-up stress and frustration cause clouded thoughts, so try to wear something made of this bright blue gemstone if you want to avoid heated arguments and keep your head cool at all times.

4. Amethyst


Amethyst is not only lovely to look at but is also helpful in relieving anxiety to a degree. This purple gemstone, which is also February’s representative birthstone, is believed to connect the physical to the spiritual world. Through this connection, you could seek divine intervention to help calm your mind and soul.

If you hear constant chatter from the mental voices in your head every day, put an amethyst crystal in your daily bag to mute the noise. Having one with you may help soothe your mind and give you the clarity you need when it’s time to make significant decisions.

5. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz and Garnet

Even if your head is in the right place, it may be all for nothing if your heart is blocked. Note that having a clear mind also requires having a clear heart. That’s what a little bit of rose quartz can do for you. This pretty pink stone, which you can also apply to feng shui, promotes healing and inner peace in individuals and homes. 

Rose quartz is a highly feminine crystal that fosters compassion and trust in oneself. You’ll need that self-confidence when making decisions for yourself and others. In stressful situations, your judgment may become clouded. Keeping rose quartz with you could blow away the fog and open your heart up to help you focus on what matters.

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6. Onyx


This crystal often comes in an intense black color, like charcoal. Much like charcoal, onyx may also absorb negative energy and toxins in your body. Try holding an onyx when you think you’re overwhelmed with bad vibes. You may start to feel the heavy load lifting off your shoulders, and it’s easier for you to breathe again.

Onyx is a subtle gemstone other people may mistake for a simple rock. It’s the perfect accessory for employees and students who aren’t too keen on wearing a colored crystal. Wear it as earrings or a necklace, or put it right on your work or study desk for the stone to soak up all the negativity, leaving you with a positive and productive atmosphere.

7. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

You could do well with a tiger’s eye accessory when you’ve got tasks to fulfill. Tigers are ferocious beasts with a sharp focus when on the hunt. If you want that same focus for yourself, a tiger’s eye could do the job. It may keep you in the zone for long periods until you finish that project to perfection.

Tiger’s eye beaded bracelets will look beautiful on your wrist while protecting you from the negative energy that could draw your attention elsewhere. Wear one while studying or working to remain on your task without getting distracted.

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8. Citrine

This crystal’s color resembles sweet, tropical fruits, which often evoke beach holidays and summer fun. Because of that, many people keep a citrine stone to attract positive energy. You could zero in on any undertaking without any hint of negativity with a citrine.

If you’re looking for a magnet for happiness, a citrine is your best accessory. It’s also a practical and beautiful piece of jewelry for working women. Wear one in the office to maintain an optimistic workplace that is good for focus and mental clarity.


Many crystals are lovely to look at and provide some benefits for both mind and body. Choose any from the ones mentioned here to improve your well-being and help you face the day with a clear head.

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