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4 Strategies on How to Avoid Failure and Achieve Success

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We often tend to remember our traumas or the negative moments in our life. It’s like when you eat at a restaurant and then get the stomach flu. Your senses immediately develop an aversion every time you see the place or food that made you sick. I think we can all empathize with this example. Taking risks in life can be scary, and our minds tend to go to all the blockades that may occur and impede us from continuing.

We may think about how difficult it would be, how much time it may take. And there you go, you don’t even try. I’m here to say that no matter what your personality type, you can do whatever you put your mind to.

The key is to take a step by step action so that success stays in your path. When I think about success, it’s not fame; it’s not how many followers you have, and it definitely is not measured by how much money you make.

Here are 4 tips to stay focused and achieve inner success: 

Success is a mindset, and if all the latter things come with along then, that’s a bonus. If we become fixated on the financial piece or fame, we will get deterred from our original idea or goal that we have in mind. 

1. Whatever project you have in mind, whether it is starting a new business, starting a blog, or even writing a book, jot down the steps you need to take. You may have many steps during this process, but it’s important to focus on each step one at a time. 

2. You may feel overwhelmed as you may have a job or doing other things in your life. Don’t get discouraged and remind yourself to stick with one step at a time. If your mind starts taking you into the impossible or the feeling of giving up, stay on course and remind yourself of the original reason why you want to do what you set your mind to. Everything has steps and challenges; nothing is a guarantee. Yes, of course, your project may fail, or that book you wrote may not be a bestseller. However, the fact that you completed your project or idea is a success already!! 

3. If the feeling of giving up takes over, take a break. Put your work aside for a few weeks. Then return to your project with a fresh pair of eyes.

4. Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up! If one thing didn’t work out for you, that’s okay. There is something else waiting for you. Each experience is a lesson and a pathway to your next big achievement. It’s like going to an audition.

The audition is what you need to work hard for. You may get 1000s of rejections but staying focused and hoping for the next one helps you stay on target. Perseverance, to me, is a success!! Now go ahead and think of what your next desire is and put it to work! 

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Dr. Regine Muradianhttps://reginemuradian.com/
Dr. Regine Muradian is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, author and mental health advocate. She specializes in Stress and Anxiety, and her first children's book, Franky and the Worry Bees, has just been released.

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