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How to cheer up your mood in 5 seconds

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Life is difficult, and sometimes a few random things spoil our mood. Moreover, bad mood affects other realms of life as well.

You got confused with the job; the alarm went off, you got late on your first date, you dropped coffee on a stranger, etc.

We have to encounter such weird situations every then and now in our lives that act as triggers to spoil our mood. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay in a low mood all day long.

It’s all about attitude and how to take up the things happening to you. If you don’t allow your mood to be affected by such silly incidents, your life will be amazing. Wondering how?

Here is the list of things you can do to cheer your mood within 5 seconds. So let’s dive into it.

Smile no matter what. 

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Many studies say that even a forced smile can lead to a flow of mood-enhancing hormone endorphins which is responsible for your happiness. Whatever happens to you, just smile, and you will see an immediate effect. 

Express Gratitude

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Whenever you get into a negative mood, just spend the next few minutes expressing gratitude towards things you have because many people out there dream of having a life like you. Be thankful to the almighty for food, family, and friends. For some people, it’s a luxury. This exercise will immediately work on your mindset, and you will start feeling better. 

Deep breathing for 10 seconds

Meditation Apps

Meditation is the art of altering the state of mind. It has numerous benefits. Whenever your mind starts collecting negative thoughts, start meditating immediately. Meditation is the zone where you try to connect with the universe’s positive energy. This exercise will instantly light up your mood. You will feel relaxed and stress-free.

Say Positive Affirmations

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The power of positive affirmation is the most underrated thing. But the truth is it can change your life. No matter the situation, always say positive things to yourself. Our mind is wired in a way that what we say works accordingly. If you say good things to yourself, your brain will automatically capture that everything is fine, and you will feel happy.

Put on your favorite song.

Music therapy

Music has the power to affect our brains. It acts as a medicine and often alters emotion. If you are feeling sad or upset due to a certain situation, listen to uplifting music rather than staying with it. It will cheer you up in seconds. 

Get out for a walk

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We all know that the sun is the source of energy. It holds power to uplift your mood and act as a doctor for your body. Make sure to get out in the sun when you are not feeling right. 

Hug Someone

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Hugs are the most amazing form of physical touch that can make you feel better instantly. If you are sad, just hug your friends, family members, or even your pet. This exercise will release positive hormones from your body, ultimately making you feel better.

Wrap up

Life is full of incidents that can spoil your mood. But it depends on you how to react to it. If you decide not to let any silly situations affect your mood, it won’t. However, you can try the above-mentioned tricks to cheer yourself up.  

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