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4 best exercises to shape your booty

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Maintaining the booty is not just for aesthetics, but it is essential for health as well. Along with a proper healthy and balanced diet, incorporating exercises in the daily routine, especially for the booty, is important. Glute exercises help improve posture and reduce knee and back pain. 

There are many exercises out there to choose from to build a strong booty. But finding the right and effective one is important. 

If you are looking for exercises to build a strong booty, but are confused among the plethora of options, don’t worry, we got your back. We have curated a list of exercises that will help you strengthen your booty.

Standing kickbacks

Standing kickbacks

Number one on the list is standing kickbacks. It is simply straight forward exercise. This exercise targets the glutes through hip extension. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Stand 1-2 feet away from the wall and place your palm against it.
  • Slightly lean towards the wall and raise your left leg, keeping the knee bent slightly. Make sure your back is straight and your core is tight.
  • Expand your leg backward around 60-90 degrees, ensuring to squeeze the glutes.
  • Put your back leg in the initial position. This completes one cycle.
  • Now repeat the same with the right leg.
  • Do 8-10 reps on each leg for effective results. 

After becoming a pro, you can use a loop band around your knees or ankle while doing this.

Frog pumps

Frog pumps
  • The name of Frog pumps might sound funny, but it’s a fantastic exercise to activate the glutes at the start or end of the workout. Here’s how you can do it.
  • Lie down on your back, keeping the soles of your feet together and your knees facing out. Your leg should make a diamond shape. Keep your arms on the sides.
  • Now squeeze your glutes, raise your hips off the ground, and get back to normal position.
  • If you are performing this exercise at the start of your workout, do 15-20 reps. However, if you do it at the end, do it multiple times until you feel burnout.



Squats are one of the most popular and effective exercises that help you strengthen your booty. You can add additional challenges to make it more effective, like adding weights (kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells or loop bands, etc.). Here’s how you can do it.

  • Stand on your feet slightly apart, keeping your hip wider. Your toes should be pointed out. Keep your hands either on your hips or in front of you,
  • Steadily push your hips back into a sitting position while bending your knees.
  • Don’t move your knees forward; rather, focus on the hips like you are sitting on a chair.
  • Keep on lowering yourself until your thighs become parallel to the ground. Hold this position for 3-4 seconds, then slowly lift back to normal.
  • Do 10-15 reps.

Side-lying hip abduction

Side-lying hip abduction

The last on the list is side-lying hip abduction. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Lie on your right side, keeping your legs stacked on each other straight. 
  • Now squeeze your glutes and lift your left leg vertically. 
  • Hold this position for 2-3 seconds and return to normal.
  • Do 8-10 reps on both sides.

Wrap up

Booty has a major role in giving shape to your body. A perfectly shaped booty accentuates the body, making it look appealing. The exercise mentioned above will help you strengthen your booty and also has other health benefits.

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