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6 Ways To Find Your Purpose in Life

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Spiritual questions like “what is existence” and “where are we all heading” are answered by knowing the purpose of your life.

Life may be perfect, and yet there might seem just the ‘something’ that is missing. Now not everyone is inclined to find their life purpose.

If you are already thinking in that way, it’s a big step, Kudos!

1. Meditation

The first thing you should do compulsorily is to meditate. The answer to every question is around you. But the issue with humans is that we are very restless and are surrounded by various desires and emotions. We do not completely absorb our surroundings and don’t enjoy time in depth. Ask yourself if you can spend one hour of silence and calmness? You can’t! These energies and etheric noises do not let us communicate with our higher selves.

Meditation calms your mind down. It introduces you to meaningful silence. You will start realizing the difference between doing nothing and being still. You will soon come to know that ‘GOD’ is actually a feeling of oneness, of blissfulness. 

2. Donations

Another thing you should practice is Donations and Social work. Donating doesn’t mean an online transaction. There is only one way for you to attain peace. It is through Love. You need to free yourself of every other emotion and focus on oneness and love.

Work someone and help someone physically. It will teach you. a lot of things. It will, most importantly, teach you to love. You will permit higher and higher energies into your body. Emotions of goodwill will ensure perspective. You will know the feeling of being “MEANINGFUL.” 

3. Religions Scriptures

Read religious scriptures. Read your religion and other religious scripts. Keep an open mind. Answers lie there! Read Not only scriptures of the religion you follow but also read every other scripture. Start reading spiritual books. You will soon find things you can practice, things you will be able to relate to, and things you will want to relate and feel.

You will also find yourself in a situation where some of the points are repetitive in all the scriptures. For example, developing love and kindness and the purpose of love, the real meaning of love is explained deeply in every script. This is not something you can look for in an article. It is within you and has to be learned through calmness and focus. 

4. Company You Keep

Surround yourself with people who want the same things as you. None of us are masters. All of us get deviated sometimes or the other. As I said above, there are a lot of distractions in the form of emotions and desires. It is better when at the start, you have people around you so that you will always remind yourself to come back on track.

Another reason is that learning is never-ending. You can always teach and learn from these positive people. You can be a reason for positive change to people and also give them the opportunity to do the same for you. 

5. Follow your Heart

Know what you want. Question yourself constantly on what you are doing and why you are doing it? Is this something that is going to make a real difference? How much of it is worth it? One thing you should understand, ALWAYS listen to your heart.

The advice your heart gives might make you walk through thorns, but at the end of the journey, it will be worth it. You can proudly say that ‘This is what I wanted’ which automatically becomes your purpose. 

6. Know your Thoughts

Also, come to terms with things that you don’t like. If something around you is not right, ask yourself why it is that this particular thing is consuming your mind. Also,iIf the behaviour of your neighbor towards his child is affecting you, ask yourself why? If your brother’s career choice is bothering you, ask yourself why! It will help you know a lot about yourself. 

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