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5 Pillars to build a fulfilling life

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We all are so engrossed in our lives that we hardly have time to pause and look at where we are heading. Most of us never do introspection; we all have different priorities and goals in life, which we call pillars of our life.

Without these pillars, life feels incomplete and meaningless. Just like the cement pillars are the foundation of a building, our goals are the foundations of our life that gives us stability. 

Sometimes everything seems uncertain, and we feel hopeless. I am sure you must have been in this situation at least once. This is when you must understand that everyone is born for a purpose, and in this life journey, you need to find your purpose. If you are skeptical, consider these five pillars working around which you will create a stable and happy life. 


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Education is the fundamental pillar to building a life and creating a personality. People often confuse education with academic degrees, but education is not limited to school and college. Education means learning from everything that happens in our lives, from every incident, and the willingness to learn from it. 

The formal definition of education is bringing out your humanitarian side and broadening your perspective on life. Don’t just blindly run behind success but work on building the solid foundation on which you will construct your career. 

Education is a combination of academic degrees and a solid character. Instead of comparing your life journey with others, focus on yourself. Be your competition, and rather than trying to be better than others, be better than your yesterday self. Focus on learning and gaining knowledge not to be better than others but to be a better person for your soul’s satisfaction.


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Love is often misunderstood by what happens between a couple, but love is not limited between a man and a woman. But love is indefinite and infinite. It can be in any form, any shape, or any relation. People think that love is selflessness and is restricted to a few selected people in life. 

But the reality is love is much broader. It includes compassion, empathy, gratitude, selflessness, affection, sympathy, fondness, attachment, and endearment. All these feelings are synonymous to love. So, be humble and love everyone equally because when you do that, you create a world that reflects the same towards you. 

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Health is another critical aspect of creating a stable life. You can’t expect to have a great life with poor health. People go to the gym and eat healthily but are yet not healthy. Health does not only mean taking care of your body but also giving equal importance to your mind. When was the last time you took the time to analyze your mental health? Hardly do people do that. 

The consequences of poor mental health can affect all four foundations of your life.

If you are not mentally sound, you will not be able to leverage the three pillars of your life, and enthusiasm dies when your mental health starts declining. Just because there are no visible symptoms of deteriorating mental health doesn’t mean everything is fine. Be self-aware and check on your mental health regularly.

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Money gives financial stability and is important in creating a stable life. It gives freedom to do what you want, choose the kind of lifestyle you like, wear the clothes you want, pursue your dreams, etc. Thus it is necessary to create a constant source of money and allow money to work for you. Invest in funds, build assets and let the money grow. 


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Life is not only about creating a career and earning money but also about living it to the fullest. Life can become boring if you do not engage in things that give you pleasure and happiness. 

So, take time to do activities that spark your enthusiasm and fill you with the energy to deal with the hardships of life. Choose the sources of your enthusiasm. It can be anything from spending time with family and friends, journaling, reading books, going out, shopping, etc. 

Don’t consider them time waste or non-learning experiences because everything you do adds something to your personal growth. 

Wrapping up

Lifespan is very limited, so instead of overthinking stuff that will not add value to your life, focus on these five pillars mentioned above. If these five things are on-track, then trust me, you will be the happiest person on the planet.

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