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5 Things To Look For While Choosing A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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When you are injured in a pedestrian accident, you will go through the legal process and talk to insurance companies to get coverage. This coverage helps you cover medical and other expenses required for your recovery. It is essential to have a pedestrian accident lawyer by your side.

An attorney fights for you to make sure you get the maximum compensation. 

However, choosing a pedestrian accident lawyer can be challenging. Since laws in such accidents vary according to state, it is important to hire a local accident attorney who is aware of the laws specific to the state.

For example, if you have been hurt in an accident in Green Bay, it is best to find pedestrian accident lawyers in Green Bay, WI. Here are the things to look for while hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer.

Specific Experience

You need to hire a lawyer with special expertise in pedestrian accidents, not just a lawyer with experience in personal injury cases. Personal injury attorneys can handle many situations, but someone who has dealt with pedestrian injuries will have the specific knowledge to guide you. You can ask them about their experience in handling your type of cases and an estimated amount they have won for their clients in the past.

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Look at Their Track Record

Along with expertise, the lawyer’s success rate is important. You can look for detailed Google reviews to find the experience of their past clients. This can give you a general idea of the level of satisfaction they provide to their clients. Find out how many pedestrian lawsuits they have won and how many they have lost. This will provide you with enough information on what to expect from that attorney. An experienced attorney can provide you with information regarding your case.

No Upfront Charges

Most reputable lawyers work on a contingency fee basis and charge nothing from their clients. That means you do not have to pay your pedestrian accident attorney fees. Instead, they keep a percentage of the compensation that they win for you. 

The average contingency fee is roughly 30%, although it might be greater if the matter is complex or goes to a lawsuit or trial. However, you should clearly communicate with them about the extra charges you might have to pay, like court filing fees. Ask the lawyer whether this has to be paid in advance or will be paid by the lawyer and taken from the recovered amount at the end of the case. Your lawyer should explain the price structure to you and provide the details in the agreement.

Their Communication Should Be Clear and Polite

You will deal with your lawyer for the duration of your case. Having good chemistry with your attorney is essential. They will be a part of a long process and will have access to sensitive information. Take the time to find someone you connect with and who communicates clearly with you. Your lawyer must understand the situation and make you feel heard during difficult times.

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They Have a Reputable Office

You’ll need an attorney with the right knowledge and the required resources to manage your case. An attorney should have access to a network of legal experts capable of conducting investigations and dealing with problems when they emerge. For a smooth process, your attorney should have an office where you can freely meet them. Another thing to note in a good office is a comfortable office atmosphere. Without meeting the attorney in person, it isn’t easy to trust them.

When Should You Hire A Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

It’s more dangerous than ever to be a pedestrian. If you’ve been injured, hire a lawyer so that you do not miss any of the law-imposed deadlines to file your claim. Hiring an attorney also reduces your chances of making errors while dealing with your insurance company, giving you a better chance of compensation. 

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