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Top 10 Apps For Custody Cases and Divorce

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Divorce can be difficult and challenging. It not only comes with the emotional burden but also with multiple expenses, complex procedures, and lack of guidance.

In the digital age that we are living in, apps have made operations of all kinds simpler and easier. In the same way, there are a number of apps that assist with easing the procedure of divorce, financial planning after separation, co-parenting, and dealing with mental and emotional stress post-divorce.

If you are a parent, coping up with separation as well as going through the custodian process can be difficult. However, in the technologically driven era, there is an app for everything!

In this article, we bring you 10 apps to ease the process and requirements involving Custody and Divorce. 

1. SupportPay 

SupportPay aids single parents to manage expenses for child support in an organized manner. Sharing of additional expenses for the child, such as medical, education, etc., can also be streamlined, exempting the need for government involvement. The app also provides professional assistance from lawyers and experienced community involvements.

SupportPay ensures the safe demonstration of receipts and proof of transaction, which can be accessed by both parents. This app is well-built and largely avoids conflicts and confusion regarding the sharing of expenses. 

SupportApp can be downloaded for free both on IOS as well as Android. The basic plan is free, followed by $7.99 per month. 

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2. OurFamilyWizard (For Co-Parents)

OurFamilyWizard is a co-parenting app that involves the essential elements required after separation. One such feature is the calendar which helps to plan and track the days a child will spend with the parent. Parents can discuss expenses and share essential information about children. 

The app contains a secure message board that safeguards important and sensitive details about financial transactions, shared location, and bank account details. The app works well in maintaining communication and encouraging cooperation between parents, ultimately easing the responsibility to raise the children. 

OurFamilyWizard is available on IOS as well as Android

3. AppClose 

AppClose is a professional co-parenting app. According to the Oklahoma Bar Association, AppClose tops the list of co-parenting apps because of its user-friendly and advanced features. This app is free. 

AppClose facilitates the exchange of messages between parents, access calendar schedules, notify other family members and create events. This app involves the inclusion of other close members of the family and also features group chats for better communication.

Financial monitoring is also facilitated through this app in order to manage financial expenses for child support. Electronic payment transfers can be undertaken through LawPay.

This app is free and available both on IOS and Android

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4. 2houses 

2houses app eases the process of single-handedly raising a child. With its features of a shared calendar, personal journal, financial tracker, and a feature to add essential information about the child, it helps in relieving the mental and emotional stress that usually arrives after divorce. 

It has a messaging feature to keep connected with the other parent or a mediator. The messages do not involve the feature to be deleted because of security reasons. There is an info bank in which you can save important contacts like medical information, doctor’s contact, external family member’s contact, child’s clothing size, counsellor’s contact, and emergency numbers. 

The app provides a 14-day trial period with monthly premium plans starting from $12.50. 

Available on IOS and Android

5. Mint

Post-divorce, it can be challenging to manage finances single-handedly. For budget management and financial tracking, the Mint app is very helpful.  

A very interesting feature of this app as a whole is its compositeness. With this app, you have everything financially required in one place, from your bank account transactions, financial budget, expenses, balance, debt reminders, etc. 

The mental and emotional stress of paying bills and over expenditure is eased with this app. It saves time and money and seemingly helps you organize your finances and encourage savings. 

Available free on IOS and Android.  

6. Cozi Family Organizer

If you are looking for an app that plans just everything right from your meals and grocery list all the way up to reserving precious family moments and events, Cozi is just the app you need. Wealthy Single Mommy has reviewed this app to be safe as the app undertakes standardized measures to secure personal data and protect information about billing transactions.

What makes Cozi different from other apps is that it assists in day-to-day tasks. You can create and maintain a grocery list, plan daily meals, access and share the calendar with the other parent, maintain a recipe box and prepare to-do lists. 

Cozi helps you maintain a ‘family journal’ in which you can add important events from your child’s first day at school to anniversaries and birthdays. 

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The app is free and offers a 14 day trial period followed by CoziGold, which is the premium version of the app priced at $2.50 per month and $29.99 for the year. 

Available on both IOS as well as Android

7. coParenter 

coParenter app involves shared calendars, scheduled visits, planning a vacation, and also connecting with an assisting mediator—a one-stop app for all your post-separation requirements. 

The coPartner app has a messenger option to connect with the other parent and schedule child meetups, vacations, holidays, and even join a meditation or coaching session, which is organized by the app itself through a mediator. This mediator is installed to resolve disputes and maintain harmony between the parents. 

The app also facilitates the need to track drop-off, pick-up, and location due to its geotag features that update you through notifications. 

This app offers a free 30-day trial period, following which you can subscribe to the monthly plans starting from $12.99 monthly and $119.99 yearly. Billing will only be processed month-wise. 

You can download it on both IOS as well as Android

8. DivorceWorks 

DivorceWorks app is very helpful for someone who is undergoing the process of divorce. The emotional state of mind may not be very balanced, and hence this app is designed for people to cope up with emotional stress.

This app features psychological assistance and advice in the context following the separation. It opens up an array of mindful approaches towards situations by guiding the person on getting through the process gradually.

The app involves a tracking journal where you can log daily moods, read helpful tips on mental health, write notes about your feelings, take self-quizzes, prepare daily checklists and weekly task reminders. The primary goal of this app is to ensure that you are taking care of your mental as well as emotional health.

Emotional tracking at its best. It also offers resources for children to cope up with their parent’s separation process. All the resources available on the app are professionally suggested and advised by psychologists. 

The app can be downloaded at a price of $4.99 on IOS and Android.

9. Mend Go Within

Initially developed for providing assistance for heartbreaks and burnouts. However, the features are best suited for divorced people going through the initial stages of the mental and emotional state of mind. 

Mend offers support for heartbroken people struggling to move on. Mend asks you the reason for your breakup/divorce, tracks your mood, and assures you that you will get through this. Following the prior information step, it offers the best advice and tips you can incorporate into your lifestyle here. You can write, read or listen to advise and tips, track and create your daily goals and analyze your progress. 

According to Business Insider, mend is not only a personal breakup coach; it is designed for the heartbroken community as a whole. With the voice-installed AI, the app provides a sense of one-on-one therapy, more like a friend, to help you get through the process of separation with ease. 

The app is available for free on IOS only and also offers monthly and yearly plans starting at $4.99 to unlock the complete training process.

10. The Family Core

The Family Core app is designed for effective family management. It not only offers services for co-parents but also for busy working families, single parents, aged parents, and parallel parents. The app allows access to caretakers and babysitters for accessing the child’s information. The layout of this app is so user-friendly, with color-coded labels. 

The calendar in this app allows the setting up of the child’s location, pick-up time, drop-off time, school events, medical appointments, and scheduling the child’s stay time with the other parent.

The app also features a private chat system for effective communication. The app is free to download, which is available on both IOS and Android; however, the plan involves a premium charge of $1.99 per month.

The Takeaway

Divorce can be a stressful and difficult process. However, thanks to technological advances, apps can simplify the tasks that involve the divorce process as well as help in coping up with the after-effects of it. We hope the above-mentioned apps assist you in all the useful ways possible!

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