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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Divorce Case

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Some divorce cases drag on not only for months but years until your marriage is finally over. This means the years of constant stress, paper hassle, arguments, and lost health. No one wants such a life. So many soon-to-be divorcees try to find the best way on how to speed up a divorce and apply it to their case.

Learn about several common ideas of fast marriage finalization and put effort into implementing your plan quickly and successfully. 

1. Prepare Well

Before you are ready to head to the online divorce in Ohio for a quick process, it is essential to do some preparations first. The more things you get ready in advance, the shortest the official procedures will be. You can collect and make copies of all personal data, marriage and divorce-related documents.

Discuss the rights and responsibilities to share with your spouse after divorce. And arrange any relevant meetings and organizational events. So that when the divorce comes, you are fully equipped to cover all the challenges and activities without delay. 

Still, mind that a fast divorce shouldn’t mean a poor-quality divorce. The marriage termination outcomes will define the life conditions of every member of your family. So take your time to prepare well to guarantee a happy life for everyone afterward. 

2. Come to Terms with Your Spouse

The quickest way to get a divorce is to come to an agreement with your spouse. If you manage to find a solution to custodial issues, alimony, assets, and debts distribution on your own, you will reduce the number of hearings significantly. The judge will only have to approve that your decisions meet the local legislature and the beliefs of fair rights and responsibilities distribution. This all means that the way you cooperate with your spouse determines the duration of your divorce process.

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3. File for Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is the best way out on how to get divorce fast. Unless you suffer from abusive relationships, your kids aren’t safe in your family life, or you cannot agree on any of the divorce points, and amicable marriage termination is your must-have. This will allow you to end up your marital relationships without a lawyer, multiple hearings, and extra discussions.

Providing that you have agreed on the required issues peacefully, there will be several steps of paperwork and official issues to cover, and you will get divorced in no time. 

4. Get Specialists to Help You 

If you cannot sort everything out on your own together with your spouse but still strive for a quick divorce, it is wise to seek experts’ help. Dealing with the divorce and marriage issues in court will last too long for your liking. So, it is better to hire a mediator, family counselor, arbitrator, financial advisor, or any other relevant specialist.

The experts will direct you through the discussions on the relevant issues, advise on the mutually beneficial decisions, review docs, and so on. So that when you come to the court, you have all divorce things dealt with and documented to get your marriage terminated without delay.

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5. Switch States

No matter how much you need and want to speed up the divorce, you cannot bend the local law. So if your state stipulates a six-month waiting period or a year-long separation before you can end your relationships, you can do nothing but obey.

On the contrary, you can try to file for divorce in a different state where the requirements aren’t that severe. Still, it is essential to consult a lawyer beforehand and check out whether you are a good candidate for the divorce in the chosen state. 


Many soon-to-be divorcees try to invent a new strategy on how to speed up a divorce. Still, you don’t need any tricks to succeed here. The point is in the number of effort you are ready to apply.

If you do the necessary preparations and arrangements, come to terms with your spouse on the relevant issues, file for an uncontested divorce, gather a team of specialists to assist you, you will manage to finalize your marriage in no time. And if you face some time-related law restrictions, there is always a variant to switch the states to file for divorce faster.

Anyway, you will always find a good way to get a divorce quickly if you apply a great desire and do your best to succeed. 

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