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The Top 8 Wedding Trends To Look Out In 2022

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Couples in 2022 want to create a personal, memorable, and exciting day with unique touches that will surprise their guests and stay with them for a long time after the event is over. With bright color palettes, unexpected bridal style, and lots of entertainment, this event is sure to be a hit.

Weddings are starting to resemble their pre-COVID versions, especially after the reduction of lockdowns and more freedom in choosing the locations and activities. 

There are many wedding traditions around the world and today we’ll introduce you to the hottest wedding trends for 2022 that have us excited for the year ahead.

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How about a wedding in the back garden?

Wedding Trends

Over the last two years, couples have moved to romantic back-garden weddings or locations at enchanted gardens to take advantage of the beauty of greenery-filled outdoor spaces.

While back-garden weddings need more planning and are limited to when the sun is up, they allow you to host your wedding day in a special place that your guests will like and appreciate.

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Engagement rings with a vintage touch

We are witnessing an era of going back to the old days, where vintage is becoming a trend. As couples become more emotional about their parents’ relationship, they look for similar wedding rings. Vintage-inspired designs will be at the top of everyone’s list in 2022. Vintage and vintage-look engagement rings are timeless in their beauty, with traditional cuts and colorful jewels, and it’s an excellent idea to connect old and new love stories through jewelry, especially when some couples reuse their grandparents’ rings on their big day.

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Fairytale lightings are still a dream 

Wedding Trends

The way you light your wedding reception’s indoor and outdoor set the tone and mood for the whole event, so it is no wonder that fairytale lighting made our list of the top wedding trends for 2022. Yellow bulbs, strings of tiny lights, and shining chandeliers are just a few of the various options we will see in 2022, all of which create a wonderful, fairytale wedding like the ones we used t see in the movies.

Virtual invitation over email or social media

With so many couples needing to reschedule their wedding dates in 2020 and 2021, virtual wedding invitations became everyone’s demand. Graphic designers are always there to save the situation and create something special for every couple. In 2022 virtual wedding invitations will be widely shared on social media accounts besides emails.

Handmade additions

Handmade items are coming back hard. We will expect many unique handmade items in 2022 weddings, including dresses, accessories, cookies, and even decor items like candles and ribbons. The handmade items add a sense of love and personalization to the event, mainly when used to décor the area or create a warm atmosphere. There are many weddings décor trends that couples can choose from to sparkle their special night.

The little white dress

When to get married

Short wedding gowns, commonly known as the “little white dress,” were trendy in the early 1970s. At weddings in 2022, we expect to see more short bridal dresses than ever before. 

Outstanding reception table layouts 

During the epidemic, wedding stylists and venue organizers designed pretty unusual table plans and room layouts to keep people safe, and some of them worked out better than anyone could have expected! As a result, we started seeing strange designs that we hadn’t seen in the past. Surprisingly, these new layouts turned out to be more beautiful than our expectations, and even without any COVID restrictions, people favor them over the older layouts.

Wedding Day Portraits & Live Painting

Due to the ban on live music at weddings because of COVID-19 restrictions, couples have had to invent more ways to entertain their guests, such as live painters and wedding portrait artists! This trend is expected to continue in 2022. Moreover, many of these wedding portrait artists became famous on social media platforms for live-streaming their work.


It is well-known that some wedding trends are everlasting, while others fade from year to year. You can keep things very simple and throw a calm wedding party or plan to the end, starting from the very first moments welcoming guests at the church till the charming morning of the first day on the honeymoon while Tequila testing in Mexico.

So, for a stunning wedding, ask experts, such as the ones who are part of the team at ParadiseWeddings.com, or read more about wedding planning to determine which trends they predict will fade away in the following year and which ones they think will flourish.

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