Polyamorous Relationship

What is A Polyamorous Relationship? Types & Its Drawback


What is Polyamory? Polyamory is the act of engaging in more than one sexual relationship with the consent of both the participants.

That means that if you or your partner is involving in sexual and consensual interaction with a third person and your spouse has no obligations, it is stated as a polyamorous relationship.

Types of Polyamorous Relationship

There are various types of polyamorous relationships. Below we have listed are a few of them:

1. Kitchen Table Polyamory- This type of polyamory creates an ambiance of a family-gathering and is cozy. The people in the network may or may not be romantically involved. The name comes from the kind of gathering of a family in the kitchen that is comforting and fun.

2. Parallel Polyamory- The act of being involved in a consensual and sexual relationship wherein there is no emotional attachment/connection between the participants. And they are merely required to acknowledge each other’s existence.

3. Mono-Poly Relationship- These are the relationships in which one individual is polyamorous, and the other one is monogamous. Hence, one of them is seeking to be involved sexually with more than one person while the other is only involved with their polyamorous partner.

Why Polyamorous Relationships Practised?

While polyamory may appear morally false to many people, ideally it’s a new-normal concept of relationships. People who seek polyamorous relationships usually do so for sexual gratification what may or may not be satisfied by their primary partners (husband or wife).

Some people take polyamory as a rebound from their previous relationships. Also, sex addicts tend to hide it from others by being involved in polyamorous relationships.

Others may simply seek fun or are doing what comes to them naturally. Some people want to fulfill their erotic dreams or share their emotions, which otherwise aren’t meant for others. Others may be forced to practice it due to financial dependence or blackmails.

People who aren’t satisfied or happy with their partners, look for a polyamorous relationship to find some kind of security. Perhaps, just to change their surroundings for a short time until they find it fit to go back to their primary partners.

Drawbacks of A Polyamorous Relationship

Though some people may need it, the drawbacks of a polyamorous relationship cannot be neglected as they pose various problems.

The reasons for polyamory may be unethical. Take a sex addict, for example, who should be treated for his/her medical condition. Instead, to hide a particular ailment like erectile dysfunction, they choose polyamory, which, though, is not illegal but is morally incorrect.

Moreover, due to financial dependence, some people may be forced to be involved in polyamorous relationships, which again is dishonest. If one of the partners is already married or has been spoken for, there can be complications in marriage and child custody, when it comes to divorce.

Take Off the World on Polyamory

Different people have different perceptions of polyamory. While some describe it as a sin, it provides a sense of normalcy and comfort to others (especially homosexuals).

Polyamory is very common in countries like Europe, North America, and Australia. But, it is still a taboo in Asia, Africa, and South America.

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