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The lazy couple’s sex toy guide to a passionate relationship!

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The fast-paced lifestyles of the average Jane and Joe can bring upon many menial tasks throughout everyday life. Whether it’s a career or housework, kids, or social life – juggling these tasks, on top of maintaining a good relationship with your significant other, can take a toll on your sex life. Long-term relationships naturally become victims of complacency, resulting in а dull or non-existent sex life.

This takes a toll on the mood and well-being of all parties included, and it sometimes brings resentment within the relationship. Thankfully, making progress within your bedroom doesn’t have to be a tedious process, and it doesn’t just come down to talking – there are many easy-peasy and fun ways to add a new twist and rekindle the old flame within.

But why is sex such a dealbreaker in relationships?

The importance of the horizontal Hokey Pokey

There is no denying that sex can contribute to ameliorating certain aspects of life, whether it’s a better mood, improving depression symptoms, cardiovascular health, or overall immunity – it makes life feel better. On top of that, sex feels amazing, duh! All of these bonuses aside, the true worth of intercourse lies within the intimate connection and the familiarity it brings within the companionship. So what is sex if not a pleasurable bonding experience where you and your partner get to be both physically and emotionally vulnerable with each other?

However, after the honeymoon phase ends, some relationships can experience some bedroom turmoil from various external factors. Generally, it’s natural for lustfulness to wane as the relationship matures, regardless of the reason. Partners living complicated lifestyles can become distracted by work, deadlines, family issues, or kids – so learning how to enliven your sex life is important.

How can couples’ sex toys help?

It’s common knowledge that vagina owners cannot achieve climax by penetration alone, and there is a surprising amount of them who have never had an orgasm at all. This is not something to be ashamed of, nor does it make anyone flawed – it just shows the awareness level of society regarding females. This is where sex toys come into play. Not only are there tons of gender-specific and gender-inclusive couples’ sex toys, but they all provide unique sensations which can help with the bedroom blues. This helps both women achieve orgasm and helps take the pressure off men regarding their performance, meaning everyone included can reap the benefits. 

Historically, sex toys were created to ease the symptoms of female hysteria, during Victorian times, as doctor-appointed treatment considering the medical knowledge at the time. Generally, sex toys have been considered as part of masturbation routines, with earlier designs catering to one gender or either, but not couples. Nowadays, sex toys for couples are widely available in a plethora of design categories, which can be used for foreplay or while you’re bumping uglies to enhance the experience for both partners.

Sex toys for couples pave the way toward learning what makes you and your partner tick. The G-spot and prostate aren’t the only erogenous zones that we humans have, so by utilizing couples’ sex toys; you can explore what makes your body and your genitals tremble while getting a cheat sheet toward’s your partner’s orgasms!

Variety is the spice of life – choose yours!

We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator

Despite the sexual empowerment in many communities and the ongoing sex-positive movements of the 21st century — hesitancy and stereotypes still have a major hold over many circles. By embracing sex positivity, you can bring forward better sex, better relationships, and increased intimacy. Take note that communication is key in all aspects of life, especially in the bedroom. Release the burden of society’s hesitancy surrounding better sex, and consider implementing sex toys for couples to rekindle the old flame.

Here are a few undemanding steps to take toward improving your relationship with coupe’s sex toys

Communication is key

Not everyone is comfortable discussing their sexuality and preference right from the get-go, so it’s fitting to try and accommodate each other when discussing your sexual preferences. Be calm and collected, and try to achieve a safe space between you and your partner where you can express your mind freely and clearly communicate your needs in the bedroom. Even if you aren’t considering sex toys for couples, both partners will benefit from knowing the full specter of desires that should be considered in the boudoir.

If your relationship has just started to blossom, consider getting to know your partner both mentally and physically to build trust before discussing the implementation of sex toys. 

Do not forget the common goal!

Water-Based Gel Lubricant,

As humans, we live in a society where social constructs and norms can affect the way we perceive each other. We tend to compare ourselves to other people and compete in imaginary vein competitions, while behind the masks, there are deep insecurities brewing. It’s only natural for a person to lack confidence in their sexual prowess, both men and women can experience these feelings, so it’s quite important to focus on the mutual goal at hand when discussing couples’ sex toys. 

Bringing up the topic of sexual improvement can make anyone apprehensive, especially if it coincides with insecurities, so often partners might see the idea of sex toys for couples as an insult to their performance. To avoid this, make sure to always remind yourself and your partner that implementing sex toys helps skyrocket your already fulfilling sex life towards a common objective – better sex!

Define your desires

Your partner shouldn’t have to play guessing games regarding your desires. If you cannot specify what floats your boat, spend some time getting to know your body. Try new positions, and experiment with the sex toys you already have to determine what feels right to you. When you get an idea of what you want, consider reading sex-ed articles and reviews about couples’ sex toys, such as the ones on Bed Bible, to get an idea of the real-life performance of sex toys.

No need for pressure

Powerful Vibrator

Make sure not to pressure your partner into something they don’t want to do without considering how they feel regarding sex toys for couples. The same goes for your partner, as consent is important to retain a high level of trust within the relationship. If there is hesitance or sensitivity regarding the implementation of sex toys for couples, make sure to be understanding of your partner’s reasons and try to work together to find mutual grounds. The time it takes for someone to get acquainted with the subject is relative, so being patient with your partner and yourself without pushing is crucial.

Clown around

Anal Beads Butt Plug

Not everything in life needs to be a serious conversation, so make sure you are having fun in the process. Sex toys are meant to bring joy and climactic sensations, so why weigh down the process with seriousness? Keeping a positive and humorous approach to sex will help you be comfortable while discussing and choosing sex toys with your partner. Laughing and smiling while you explore your sexual desires and fantasies will only bring you and your partner closer in the bedroom and deepen your relationship.

Experimenting with kinky sex toys for couples

With the number of sex toys on the market that incorporate high-tech features with sexy designs at nifty prices, the couples’ sex toy industry has paved the way to successful sexual experimentation. Couples are now thriving in orgasmic bliss, regardless of their gender and sexual preference, due to the sheer amount of options available: from strap-ons and couples’ vibrators to cock rings and sex swings, there’s a little bit for everyone. Here are a few ways you can try to spice up your bedroom exploits.

Faux ménage à trois 

Strap-ons and harnesses are an excellent way to try out a threesome fantasy without the hassle and awkwardness of having to invite another person to the bedroom. On top of that, it saves you and your partner from the unnecessary negative feelings that will emerge from potential rejection. Strap-ons are great gender-inclusive sex toys for couples since they can be used by men, women, and non-binary individuals. These sex devices are perfect for couples who would like to explore the sensation of DP, which increases the pleasure for the receiver and provides tightness and an extended erection for the wearer. Just make sure to use tons of lube and prepare the receiver’s orifices beforehand.

Go remote

In cases of long-distance relationships, the lack of sex is pretty self-explanatory. Thankfully as technology has evolved, so have the means of making long-distance work and sex toys for couples can now be remotely controlled via smartphone applications. Brands such as Lovense and We-Vibe have perfected the app-to-toy technology, so now couples can elevate their cyber-sex sessions to increase intimacy, no matter their location.

CLITerally obsessed

We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator,

The perfect starting point for couples that are just getting into sex toys, cock rings with clitoral stimulators, or insertable vibrators such as the We-Vibe Chorus is worth considering if you are looking for additional stimulation in the form of clitoral vibrations. 

Power play with spanking paddles.

It might seem intimidating at first, but implementing even the lightest form of BDSM in the bedroom will do wonders for uplifting the lust within you and your partner. No need to take extreme measures that you do not feel comfortable with; however, the occasional bondage, spanking, and power play will lift your sex life to newfound heights. Set boundaries beforehand, determine your roles – submissive or dominant and let that role guide your motions. For beginner users, find the best paddle and get wild with spanking.

A swing, but definitely not a miss

One of the most suggested couple’s sex toys is the sex swing. Intimidating at first glance, this contraption will make you feel weightless while being rocked into convulsive climaxes during each session. Considering that humans are a bag full of insecurities, tons of people are missing out on amazing orgasms due to physical limitations or low flexibility, so couples’ sex toys like sex swings ease the process for all parties included.

Additional tricks of the trade

More sex = high sex drive & better sex

As with all physical activities, practice makes perfect, and practice gives us drive. So the more you engage in sexual intercourse, the better your libido is, and the more you want to have sex moving forward.

  • By implementing clear communication regarding your predetermined needs, you can easily start increasing the frequency of sex.
  • By having more sex, your body releases happy hormones that consistently improve your mood and overall health, studies confirm.
  • To have better sex, have more sex. Not only will you reap bodily benefits, but you will also become closer to your partner, broadening the knowledge of each other’s desires and dislikes while becoming fully in sync.

To sum up

Rekindling the lust within a relationship doesn’t always have to be a laborious process intertwined with tension and drama. Being specific regarding your needs and communicating them without great expectations is a key to unlocking the next level of sexual experiences.

By researching which possibilities the couples’ sex toy market offers and considering product reviews, you ease the process of determining what you need – paving the way to new passionate love affairs with your significant other.

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