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Motherhood’s Lessons on Self-Love and Acceptance

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Before a mother even meets her baby, she gives so much of herself to ensure the baby has all it needs to survive. Naturally, the body takes nutrients from the woman’s body, and when the baby arrives, most mothers still naturally give so much of themselves to protect and provide for their baby.

Mothers spend a good amount of time stressing over ways to better provide for their children to where they can only sleep better with life insurance coverage or have extra blankets in every inch of the house in case their little ones lose one. Though it is natural for mothers to give so much of themselves to their babies, it does not change the fact that they have to practice self-care to achieve motherhood successfully.

You Have to Make Time for Yourself

There is always some point in motherhood where a woman realizes that they have to make time to care for themselves to be the best mother they can be. It is impossible to pour out of an empty glass, and that is equivalent to trying to care for others when you have not taken care of yourself first.

Throughout pregnancy, a woman’s body changes so much to where by the time the baby is delivered, they have absolutely no idea who they are anymore. They feel different physically, emotionally, and mentally, and when they do not take the time to discover who they are, they lose confidence. This is why years after having a baby, many moms are searching for ways to be confident as a woman.

Making time for yourself is essential to living a healthy life, and it is not selfish to do so. Before you became a mother or a wife, you were you. The person you were was significant enough to be a crucial part of someone else’s life, so making time for yourself helps keep that influential person alive.

The Importance of Self-Love in Motherhood

Self-love means to have high regard for one’s happiness and well-being. Essentially, partaking in self-love means you are not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Instead, you are taking care of your own needs. 

On the other hand, self-love also involves surrounding yourself with people who are understanding your need to take care of yourself. If someone is unwilling to comprehend this need, then they do not deserve to be in your life. So removing people who do not want the best for you is another form of self-care.

Not knowing how to take care of yourself is okay, and there are various self-care tips you can follow to help you make the first steps. Here is a list of steps you can take to start loving yourself fully:

  • Talk to yourself about the meaning of love and what that looks like.
  • Consider how you prioritize other people in your life and how it would look if you started prioritizing yourself as well.
  • Take a break from self-judgment and train yourself to think of uplifting comments about yourself instead.
  • Trust yourself and all that you bring to the table.
  • Be true to yourself and practice accepting who you are, as you are.
  • Consider how you are nice and patient with others, and then try being the same way toward yourself.
  • Set healthy boundaries with yourself and with other people in your life.
  • Forgive and be nice to yourself when you slip with any of the steps listed within one to seven. 

Following these steps become easier when you remember to listen to your body, take breaks from working by moving or stretching, disconnect from the digital world long enough to connect with yourself and others, and to eat healthily or to at least eat regularly (indulging in your favorite treats is okay, too).

What does self-love look like for a mom?

As a mother, taking care of yourself may look like asking for help, telling your children that you need alone time to clear your head, or even eating more than one time a day. Self-love looks different for each mom, but the best way to know what you need is by simply taking time to be still and to listen to your body.

Children love their parents, especially their moms, because they have curated a natural connection and bond before being born. With love comes appreciation and care, so without a doubt, children want to see their mom happy. This is why when asked for space and time to be okay, children of a certain age are willing to give their mothers that time and space. Of course, for younger children, you may have to ask your spouse or other family members to step in and help because they are unable to be left alone.

As a mom, when you do not know how to start with self-love, these tips are a great way to begin:

  • Start the day with a smile and a positive attitude.
  • Be grateful for a new day and what you have.
  • Say “no” to your children and spouse when you need to.
  • Treat your body with care and avoid rushing yourself all of the time. 
  • Take time to move your body by exercising or going for a walk.
  • Sleep enough, even if that means going to bed right after you put the little ones to sleep.
  • Use positive words with yourself and everyone around you.
  • Take time to understand your feelings and talk about them to yourself, friends, or family.
  • Make an effort to clean yourself and get dressed as many days as you can.

In most households, the mother is the one who keeps the household running. Granted, men are stepping up nowadays and taking on more responsibilities within the family, but women usually still serve as the one who keeps the home balanced. As a mom, it is essential to know that lack of self-love impacts the family negatively.

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