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Raise Your Kids in the Digital Age the Healthy Way

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Are you looking for healthy ways to raise your kids in the digital age? You are probably worried that your children will be so consumed with gadgets and the internet that they will have a hard time coping with the outside world.

It is true that too much exposure to gadgets, such as smartphones and computers, can negatively affect children. Most of these kids grow up with poor communication skills and social life. Many also suffer from health problems, like obesity and hypertension, due to the lack of physical activities. 

Thus, as parents, you must know the healthy ways to raise your kids in the digital age. Below are some of the tips that can help you achieve this goal. 

1. Minimize your kids’ exposure to gadgets 

Since we live in a tech-savvy world, it will be difficult to ban gadgets from your kids’ lives completely. Of course, they also need to learn them so that they can cope with their generation. 

However, you can minimize your children’s exposure to them. For instance, there should only be a specific time and duration when they can use gadgets. You can also set a rule that they cannot use their gadgets until they have completed their homework or finished their assigned chores. For toddlers, limit their gadget exposure to two hours a day. 

2. Buy them toys that will encourage them to play move around 

One of the healthy ways to raise your kids in the digital age is by buying them toys that require physical activities. These toys will help divert their attention from internet devices. Moreover, they can help keep your children healthy by keeping them physically active.  

Some of the toys you can buy are a hoop ball, spring horse, hoop and stick, twister, hula hoop, and jumping rope. Even if you raise your kids in the digital age, they still need these classic toys you grew up with.

3. Let them play outside

Exposure to the outdoors is also good for the well-being of your children. First, it lets them explore and appreciate their environment. Plus, they can stay physically active. 

Of course, you have to keep an eye on your little ones whenever they go outside. Do not leave them unattended. Besides, it would be great if you go to the park or playground altogether. 

4. Regularly spend time with them

Your children need you more than money and other material things. If you want them to grow up with a balanced lifestyle, then you have to guide them. Among the healthy ways to raise your kids in the digital age, this one is the most important. 

Therefore, no matter how busy you are with your career, always set regular time to spend with them. For example, you can read them bedtime stories, help them with their schoolwork, or play with them. Moreover, if you can work from home permanently, that would really be great.

Holistic Growth

Balance is what your kids need to thrive in this generation. So it is not wrong to expose them to the internet and gadgets, as long as it is limited and guided. Just apply the abovementioned healthy ways to raise your kids in the digital age, and they can grow up to be well-rounded individuals. 

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