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How to Maintain A Healthy & Active Relationship With your Daughter

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Staying active doesn’t have to be challenging, especially if you can do it with a close family member like your daughter. From wandering around the shops, or venturing in the park to burn calories, getting active can be relatively simple. Choosing fun and enjoyable activities to participate in together will not only get that heart rate pumping but also allow you and your daughter to enjoy some well-deserved mother-daughter bonding time together. Read on for the top tips about how to stay active with your daughter. 

Tips for staying active with your daughter

Getting your daughter into sports and physical activity from a young age can instill positive, long-lasting lifestyle habits. Exercise is so important for reducing the risks of major illnesses, including strokes and diabetes, and has also been proven to enhance self-esteem. However, as a mom trying to instill positive lifestyle habits in your daughter, it all begins with you. Here are a few tips on how to stay active with your daughter:

  • Pre or post-dinner walks 
  • Walk instead of taking the car
  • Make mother-daughter TV fitness workouts a thing
  • Make household chores fun.

1. Pre or post dinner walks

As we have all been in some sort of work stress for a few months, you will have realised how important it is to get some steps in during the day, not just for your physical well-being but also for your mental well-being. By making a walk before tea or after tea a daily routine, both you and your daughter will look forward to your time spent together. Getting in a good hour’s walk can burn up to 300 calories depending on your pace. Making this simple lifestyle change can allow you and your daughter to have well-needed catch up on your day. 

2. Walk instead of taking the car

As a mother, if you drive everywhere and live a sedentary lifestyle, you’re probably going to pass this habit onto your daughter/other family members. As children are socialized from birth, they will be picking up habits instilled from a ripe young age. So, making the conscious effort to walk instead of driving or getting public transport provides huge environmental benefits and allows you to get active and get moving. Make taking walks to the shop instead of driving a habit. Believe it or not, this will probably be instilled in your daughter for a long time. 

3. Make mother-daughter TV fitness workouts a thing

TV workouts and working out together are a great way to get active and work a whole host of muscle groups. How about working at home together? It has been proven that it can take around 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic, doing weekly workouts as a ritual is a great way to stay active. 

As for squats, star jumps, crunches, and other exercises easily work up a sweat, both you and your daughter can have a laugh whilst doing a tv workout – the perfect way to bond. But don’t forget to stretch out those muscle groups post-workout, as you might be feeling it the next day and will be unable to do your simple daily tasks! You could have more of a laugh if you both roll on a foam roller post-workout. Not only will this stretch your muscles, but you’ll look funny and have a laugh getting your body into all different shapes. 

4. Make household chores fun

Let’s face it; household chores are never fun. However, by putting on some music and throwing some shapes whilst cleaning the kitchen, you will be sure to make household chores fun. By disciplining your daughter and getting her involved in the cleaning and washing up from a young age, this will encourage her to be on her feet and not sat in front of the TV. 

Staying active with your daughter

Why not give the above tips ago and do some mother-daughter bonding over exercise today!? 

As exercising provides a whole host of benefits, and our health is so crucial, staying active will help you both feel and look better. If you want to get a further picture of your overall health, you could visit your local clinic for a women’s health screening. This will allow you to really see where improvements can be made in your lifestyle and give you further inspiration for why you should keep active alongside your daughter. 

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Aimee Harrington
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