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The Importance of Family Communication By Ivan Fatovic

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Does communication increase understanding?

Absolutely! It’s important to listen to your children and partner as well as be heard yourself. We are all so busy doing our own things, and sometimes we assume someone feels a certain way about life, or school, or work, but it’s important to check in with your family members. That’s why I’m a big fan of family dinner where everyone is together, and we can check in with each other. Even if it’s only once a week, it can become an important family ritual where we check in with everyone.

How does communication encourage support and motivation:

Children need support, consistency, and encouragement to grow and develop into a positive person contributing to society? Your children have ideas and thoughts, many of which they keep to themselves. You need to engage them to expound on their own ideas and point them in the right direction.

Find out what motivates them and gets them excited, but also teach them there are rules, and nothing comes for free. The same goes for your spouse or partner if they have a new business idea or are working with a new client, talking to them about it and being a sounding board for them really helps.

Family units should always have some common goals that they can achieve together and keep each other motivated.

Is it the solution to many problems?

I think many problems that come in a family come from a lack of understanding and proper communication. When conflicts arise, there need to be compromised, and that comes from communication.

What makes up tighter family binds?

Trust, unconditional love, compromise, rules

What type of conversation must every family have?

Every family is different, and you have various conversations with your kids at different times in their lives. I think everyone needs to understand what other members of the family’s passions and goals are. What is everyone working towards?? Also, spouses and partners need to be on the same page in terms of life goals. Everyone needs to know where everyone else is coming from.

I think you need to instill the importance of education in children from a young age.

How Can You Improve Family Communication?

Having certain times during the week where you check in with your family. For me, it’s morning coffee with my girlfriend and Sunday dinner with the kids and family. If there’s one good thing that’s come out of the pandemic, is families are forced to spend more time together and figure out a way to support each other and not go crazy.

Let everyone that you can come to them no matter what the problem is. You need to all be at the same time and not fighting against each other.

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