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Elevating Others One Yoga Towel at a Time, Meet Lauran Grant of Stratosphere41

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Combining her love for the skies, Corporate Flight Attendant for a private Dubai airline and Yogi Lauran Grant has launched her Yoga apparel brand, Stratosphere41

Stratosphere41’s name evolved because Lauran wanted to weave together two very influential areas of her life to build a brand that reflects the symbolism of connection. 

  1. The stratosphere is the ozone layer that private jets cruise through at around 41,000 feet. 
  2. The Yoga Sutras describe each pose as having qualities of Sthira and Sukha, effort and ease, to achieve mental and physical elevation. 

The beauty in both is balance.

Who is Lauran Grant? How would her besties describe her? 

I am well-traveled and interested in both possibilities beyond what is already obvious and how these affect others. I would be described as initiating, vibrant, self-aware, gregarious, and driven. I am also RYT 500 with 84 hours of Yin training as well and I love other active activities, such as tennis, dancing, and hiking with my pup Nugget aka The Mayor of Buckhead. My vivid imagination constantly pushes me towards turning ideas into reality! I seek fulfillment in my life through service to others and I am often curious for new insights.

How did you get into flying with a private airline? 

Private Aviation is a very closed industry and thus, I was recommended by a colleague from Emirates once I was ready to move back to the states from Dubai, and spent about one year learning the ropes. From then, I branched out onto my own, networking and creating value within the community by learning how to execute various roles, such as outfitting new or refurbished outfitting planes, training colleagues, and helping to build accounts from the ground up.

What are some differences (if any) between being a Corporate Flight Attendant on a private line versus ones like American? What are the perks? Pros & cons? 


Corporate Flight Attendants (CFA) are vastly different from Commercial stewardesses. CFAs need to constantly acclimate and adjust to a new workplace environment as we find ourselves often interacting with diff company cultures and personalities. Pre-flight prep is paramount, which consists of coordinating various items for the plane/clients and serving as a liaison between different departments like catering and client relations to ensure a smooth and successful trip. CFAS need a high degree of personal accountability, interpersonal and improv skills and attention to detail.


  • Well-traveled and sometimes remote destinations – I’ve been to 70 countries over the course of 7 years.
  • Salary
  • Travel rewards
  • Networking
  • Confidentiality


  • Lack of consistent schedule
  • Difficult to manage relationships at home
  • High level of stress

Let’s talk about Hot Yoga … why?!

I started hot yoga during high school when I stumbled upon a studio in my neighborhood. I took up to 3 classes a day that summer and it really helped me with the heavy grief I experienced during my teen years after losing my father prior. I became a yoga enthusiast because it challenged me to reach a new level of mental elevation and during the flow, I always felt like I transcended time and my body and was able to truly feel grounded.

Why did you decide to start Stratosphere41? 

  1. I started S41 to build a community that truly strives for not only inclusion but the celebration of all yogis. Growing up, I always felt excluded from the wellness community and that I needed to dilute myself to fit into its’ perfect box. I want the S41 community to feel as if they can show up as their authentic self and allow their fellow yogis to do the same, even when that looks different than what we are used to. It’s truly bigger than me in the sense that I want us all to carry this message into our lives.
  2. I started with yoga towels because I noticed a gap in the market. I took an otherwise utilitarian product and turned it into an elevated experience because we should not have to sacrifice one for the other. We want to encourage yogis to get pumped to roll out their mat and flow!

What was one of your biggest challenges in launching your business? 

Internalized racism almost held me back from aligning with my purpose in this chapter of my life. I struggled with the self-deprecating thoughts that society has placed on minorities.

  • Boot-strapping– many entrepreneurs have grown up with a huge safety net through their parents and priceless connections. I started from scratch and used grit and wit to reach this point.

Who is the Stratosphere41 shopper?


Our buyer persona’s nickname is Maya! Named after a friend of mine at my yoga studio. She’s between the ages of 18-45, edgy and in tune with the latest fashion and health trends. ”Maya” lives in a major city such as Los Angeles or New York City, an on-the-go maximalist who prefers to keep a full schedule of activities. Loves prints and bright colors is very spiritual, and has animal(s) at home.

What can we expect from Stratosphere41 5 months from now? 

More towel colors and prints as well as an athleisure line.

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