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7 Signs Of A Dying Marriage

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“Marriages are built in heaven.” Well, no. People meet on Earth, get married, and work hard to build relationships. 

Though, marriage is a tricky affair. You can put your all into it, and sometimes it still fails. 

If you entered this institution with great hopes and expectations, but lately, it feels like you are being held back by it, this might mean that the love and relationship between you and your partner is dying.

I know no one wants to hear that their marriage isn’t working, but if you are not satisfied with where you and your partner stand, it won’t hurt to look at some signs of a dying marriage.

1. You feel lonely even when you are with them.

Your partner should be the person you enjoy spending time with. You should feel special around them and be able to open up about your feelings. But if you feel lonely even when you both are on a date night, that’s a red flag.

2. You people are not doing well financially but they couldn’t care less.

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Nobody wants to live with a dirty sloth. If your partner has lost their third job, and even many months later, they are barely looking for another one, it shows that they don’t care about you and the hardships they are putting you in. Recognize your value and walk away from that relationship. 

3. All the heat in bed is lost for good between you two.

When two people lose interest in each other, it also affects physical attraction between them. How can you make love to them when there is no love left? 

4. The passive-aggressive behavior has replaced romance.

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Sometimes people can’t express their resentment in a healthy way, which manifests in the form of passive-aggressive behavior. They might keep taunting you, and when confronted, they say they were just kidding, or they might keep parking behind you even when you have specifically asked them not to. 

5. You are reaching out to an ex.

Having faced challenges in your loveless relationship, it’s natural to seek validation and affection. You might even start talking to reconnect with one of your exes in this pursuit. It is unethical, though, and counts as micro-cheating, but you need to consider why you felt the need to rekindle an old romance while you are already married?

6. There is no respect left in the relationship.

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Respect can make or break a relationship. Suppose you and your partner have suddenly stopped respecting each other as a person and started disregarding opinions, boundaries, and ideas put forth by you two. In that case, your marriage is destined to be doomed. 

7. You’ve fallen into the cycle of negativity.

Love failure in a relationship leads to negativity. You can’t stand the sight of the same person you once loved so much that you married them. 

You and your partner might start bringing up each other’s past and bickering over small things. The things have ruined so much that you both keep criticizing whatever the other person does. 

If you see the above-mentioned signs in your marriage, we are sorry to inform you that your relationship might be near an end. 

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