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15 Signs Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

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A relationship is more like an investment; it takes time, effort towards the other person, and hard work. We put our hearts and souls into hoping that it will work off. Sometimes it does; however, most of the time, it does not, and we treat it as one of the most important parts of our life. It becomes challenging to let it go when it’s time.

Sometimes the signs are too clear, and staying in denial is not the right option. Mostly it is easy to look past the warning signs and accept how things are going on.

A few disagreements in a relationship are frequent, and it is natural for the passion for drying out a bit. Being in a long-term relationship, you are comfortable and familiar with each other; you understand their good and the bad and habitat.

15. They spend more time alone than before:

It is healthy to spend some time apart from each other. Everyone needs their self-time. But if you feel that your partner spends more time with people outside of your relationship and is not able to give time to you, it is a problem. It is completely normal to take time for themselves, but if it leads to spending less and less time with each other, then it is a sign that they prefer to spend time alone and not with the partner itself. 

14. Lying to each other becomes an option:

  • You seem to go through issues when you find out your partner is quite evasive when you ask simple questions. 
  • Your partner after a tiring day of work or something may want their personal space, but if this is happening an everyday thing, it suggests that they are giving up on the relationship. 
  • Another reason for their behavior could even suggest that they are hiding something and are guilty of getting caught if they say something. So, sometimes, lying or covering up your tracks to avoid getting caught. 

13. Their habits seem to irritate you: 

If you find yourself constantly being stopped or avoided over the things you do, things that make your partner irritated and stop you from it can be why you are just an unwanted person in their life. Whatever you do turns out frustrating to your partner; it’s a sign that they don’t want you in their life.

12. Arguments Escalate More Than the Usual:

  • Relationships are not always going to be easy; Couples who look perfect from the outside can be going through issues that they have to work through with each other. And nothing that is worth it comes easy. All couples fight, and it’s a fact that sometimes it is the healthiest way to resolve an issue. 
  • Factors like jealousy, intimacy towards one another, which used to be solved before leading to fights longer, truly state something is not going right for both of you.

11. You Communicate less:

Talking to each other is one of the most vital parts of a healthy relationship. If one of the partners in a relationship stops communicating, then the relationship is going to fail very quickly and lead to a breakup. This is one of the most important factors as it is worse than having other problems in the relationship.

10. Apologies:

  • Things that are particularly noticed towards the end of an intimate relationship is how often one apologize to another, to be honest, apologies are healthy for a relationship as it shows that we care about one another and understand that we must have done something we probably should have avoided. 
  • But if you find yourself unnecessarily apologizing over everything you are holding over to a relationship that has turned out to be toxic.

09. You get bored easily:

Things that seemed cute and endearing at the beginning of the relationship, when everything seems perfect, we tend to give them the benefit of the doubt for their behaviors. But later turns out to be just an unnecessary thing to consider; if you feel you are a part of a relationship where the partner feels bored all the time, it’s better to move on. 

08. Your partner is happy without you:

If you notice that your partner is happier when you are not around and don’t get the warm response you used to get earlier, it indicates that feelings are wearing out. 

07. Your partner does not take you into account anymore:

  • A relationship is considered healthy if the couple considers themselves a team, and makes decisions together or at least considers each other’s feelings. 
  • We all need to have our own personal space to live our life. If your partner stops taking you into account, and you find important decisions in their lives are taken by themselves without even considering your opinion. This could work only if you can talk it through, or else it will surely lead to a breakup. 

06. The relationship is not going anywhere:

Nobody wishes to be in a dead-end relationship that is not going forward. If you think your partner is trying to change for the better, you should let them have their own space. But all they do is listen to your worries and dismiss them rather than work them out. It’s a bad thing.

05. Sudden life change:

It’s a sudden change in your life as you find your partner has been different than they used to be, Appearance or other that was different before, and suddenly it’s not the same as if they wish to be like that for someone else. This could be a reason they are improving their self-image to get away from their partner.

04. No appreciation for one another:

A healthy relationship is one where both people make an effort towards each other. I appreciate it when the same is done for them. It doesn’t work well if your partner seems to suddenly stop appreciating the little stuff that you do for them. In the end, it turns out like taking each other for granted.

03. No Physical Intimacy:

Physical intimacy isn’t all about sex, but the way that includes being close to the partner, the physical reassurances include touching, kissing, and cuddling gestures like this that makes you feel safe and valued by your partner. But if there is a complete dry-out of passion between the two, it’s surely a sign that you are in a forceful relationship.

02. Being Compared Often:

If your partner constantly praises someone else than you, it is certain that you are no longer the one for them. The constant biased nature towards the other person, when compared to you, is a bad sign for your relationship.

01. The hesitated “I am in a relationship”

Finally, one of the straightforward signs is when your partner hesitates when someone asks how things are going on. And they answer like it’s complicated, which implies that things are not going great. 


As hard as it is to accept the warning signs, the problem is if you keep ignoring it and stay in a hopeless relationship. You will only be wasting more time and effort on something that is bound to end. If you do suffer from any of the signs above, you have to be brave and take a stand. It will surely hurt you, but with time you eventually heal.

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