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Marriage or Friendship- Which is the best relationship in the world?

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Marriage and friendship are two different relationships that we enjoy in our lives. If one is sugar, the other one is salt, that is to say, both of the ingredients are essential for the recipe of existence. These are two such relationships that cannot be compared and are beautiful in their own way. 

Marriage and friendship are a blessing. Both have different roles in our stories, be it a friend or a spouse. They make our lives beautiful by their presence. And with such relationships, we grow and bloom.

Friendship is another word for love.


The moonlight that guides us on those dark roads

That pushes us out of our comfort

To take something on board.

Friends water the garden of our fantasies

Giving us the wings to fly

Telling us, the only limit is the sky.

The rays of sun in a dark room

Assuring us that our dreams will bloom.

To me, they’re not just a friend but family

A therapy to our sadness

And an antidote to our stress!

Can you imagine a single day without talking to your dearest buddies? No one, as one’s life will be boring without friends.

The person you know very well and love very much. None of your family but less than that. That is friendship.

Friends are our biggest support system. Our partners in crime. The ones who lend us their shoulders on the days we need the most and the ones who celebrate our success as if it is theirs. Friendship is the most beautiful bond we have in our lives that asks for no rules and no judgments.

Friendship is like oxygen. Just the two or more persons are vibing together and creating beautiful memories. True friends are our survival essentials.

Marriage is another stage of life.

couple birthday

Marriage is sacred in our society. It’s not only about the customs and ceremonies, but it binds two people and their families together. It is a holy promise built upon trust, loyalty, honesty, and mutual understanding among both partners.

Communication and understanding should be there to keep the beauty of this commitment intact. Moreover, one needs to know that there is no specific age to marry and marriage is not an obligation. 

Marriage is like a beautiful garden. The more flowers you bloom, the more love you will share. To make the plant’s roots study and strong, we add a good quality of fertilizer similar to make your marriage stronger and healthy. Respect and humbleness are all you need.

A healthy relationship or I would say an amazing partner, will make your life much more alluring and exciting. Seems like a dream coming true. It is of utmost importance that you choose the right person, that is to say, marry the one you love. Because marriage is a vow for life. And if you find the right one, even a lifetime seems less.

Which is better?

Both the relationships are indispensable to a human being. One cannot compare them. If marriage is as adorable as a rose, then friendship is as free as the air. As said earlier, there is one common thing in both of the relationships: the right company. The right friends/person will contribute to your growth. But the wrong ones will only make your life difficult.

Just remember, never ever replace one for the other. Do not take your friends for granted or leave them just because you have found the love of your life. Or don’t push away the person you love for the sake of your friendship because both the relationships are equally important. One cannot be overlooked for the other. A garden has a variety of flowers that grows only when the gardener focuses on each flowering plant and takes care of them indifferently. The same goes for friendship and marriage.

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