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Is Sharing Social Media Passwords Become a New Loyalty Test Among Couples?

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Social media has been dominating our lives in so many ways. It consumes a considerable portion of our daily time.

According to Statista, an average person spends 144 minutes on social media each day or two hours and twenty-four minutes. Whether posting pictures online or chatting with people, everyone’s life revolves around social media. 

And today, when we are so connected with social media and gather a lot of information and connect with people, sharing necessary credentials like passwords have become a new loyalty test in the relationship. 

What is the concept of sharing social media passwords to build trust in the relationship? 

Trust and loyalty are the two things that an individual looks for in their partner. But, seeing the present times, maintaining a healthy bond has become troublesome; I have seen couples yelling at each other all day, arguing about rubbish things, blackmailing each other to no go with that friends on yours, concerning these things, the person asks their better half to share their social media passwords, so they keep on checking what their partner is doing behind their back. 

If trust is lacking in your relationship, it is okay to talk with them respectfully about your concerns. Let them know what thoughts are juggling in your mind. Even after a healthy talk with them, you feel like their answer didn’t help you feel better about the situation, which likely means that trust isn’t there.

It’s okay if you don’t want to or cannot trust this person. Still, it’s not okay to continue a relationship that is not based on trust or resort to violating your partner’s privacy because trust is lacking. When people continue in a relationship with no faith, that often leads to paranoia, trying to control the other person somehow, and general unhappiness. Without trust, a healthy relationship is not possible.

Whatever the case may be, having feelings like nervousness, resentment or hatred are normal. Still, it’s your responsibility to handle them in healthy ways. 

Why does trusting someone feels so hard?

Chances can be you had a bad past; your ex might hurt you, and that’s leading to insecurities. Perhaps you’re just insecure or not sure, and that’s bleeding into your romantic relationship.

Ask yourself, what is Trust? 

Trust develops when companions talk openly and honestly with each other, and their words match their actions. Trusting someone is a choice, a decision. One needs to trust their partner honestly and believe what they say.

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Is sharing social media passwords the right way to prove loyalty?

Sharing social media passwords may sound ridiculous to some, but it has become a new trend of nurturing honesty. 

As we all know, things change with time, and people evolve too.

This is the 21st century where maintaining relationships is tough, and looking for stability is far beyond one’s thoughts! Hence, couples ask for social media passwords just to check whom they are talking to or what their friends are texting them or gossiping about.

If you find it hard to trust your partner, first ask yourself where this mistrust is coming from. Is it an internal or external factor, or a combination of both? Once you get to know the main cause of your trusting issue, you might be able to build a healthy relationship.

You can talk to a relationship therapist or go to individual counseling to better know each other. But, remember, asking or violating your partner’s policy just to satisfy your mind is wrong and shameful. Hurting or controlling your partner is not healthy to cope with these emotions.

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So, should you share passwords in your relationship??

Sharing social media passwords has never been the right way to know your partner. But, if your better half keeps pressuring you to share your details, moving on is the healthiest option you can choose.

Because no relationship in this world can build on the walls of untrust, humiliation, disrespect, and dishonesty.

Last thoughts!

To be honest, it’s an individual choice. For some, sharing social media passwords is necessary to build a relationship, while others don’t give a damn about it. 

But, remember, a beautiful relationship is based on the grounds of trust and how you better treat each other, how your partner reacts to your opinions and suggestions, how the two of you communicate, and plenty of other things, and that’s what romantic relationships are all about. 

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