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6 Best Adult Toys Role Play Fantasies For Couples

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Role playing is a wonderful way to add spark to your relationship and feel closer to your partner. In fact, it’s considered healthy for the relationship since you and your partner get to discover and try new things together. You can reveal who you really are by showing who you want to be even if it’s just a small part of yourself. 

What’s more, role playing establishes trust. You’re able to play out a fantasy because you feel comfortable and emotionally and physically safe with each other. 

Role playing isn’t just an exciting experience but also a healing one. Exploring your fantasies together can help you relieve stress, escape from the real world, and enjoy each other’s company.

Before indulging in this kind of activity, discuss with your partner what your expectations are. Be open, so you can create an intimate and safe environment for them. Once you’ve reached an agreement, consider what fantasies you want to act out. Here are some of the best ones:  

1. Under Hypnosis

If you’re a couple with dominant and submissive roles, then you’ll find this fantasy appealing. This type of play allows you to be vulnerable, push boundaries, and build a stronger bond. You can either stick with those positions you usually take or switch things up if you want some fun.

The main concept of the scenario is for the dominant party to play a character with the ability to control the body and movements of their submissive partner who is under their spell. On the other hand, the submissive partner must submit to the sexual demands of the dominant partner. 

If you want to inject popular media fantasy into it, your roles can be a magician and an assistant, for instance. To make the role play even spicier, you can purchase blindfolds and toys from an adult shop and use them as you please. 

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2. Stranger’s Hookup


This fantasy is ideal for expressing your strong desire for your partner and rekindling your romance. It highlights the fascination that some adults have of going to bed with someone they’ve just met at a party or a bar. Think of it as a chance to brush up on your flirtation and seduction skills to stir up desire for each other and remember what had made you attracted to each other at the beginning of the relationship. The opportunity to add spark is what makes it the go-to fantasy for couples who have been going through a rough patch. 

The role play begins with you and your partner, pretending to be strangers who meet for the first time at an event and hook up. You can either go to a real bar or a party lounge that your friends don’t visit and then re-enact the scene in the kitchen at home. Drink cocktails, wear disguises, and use some vibrators to make the night even more memorable.  

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3. Workplace Affair 

couple talking about periods

An office hookup as a role play is a popular fantasy that couples like to engage in. You and your partner can act as colleagues or pretend it’s a lunchtime shag between a boss and an employee or a copy room affair between a manager and his secretary. These roles that you can act out make the fantasy even more thrilling and satisfying. 

You can indulge in a workplace affair for more intimacy with your partner after work. Set up a small workplace at home or use your home office or study area if you have one. Wear corporate attire and put bondage toys on desks or shelves. 

4. Artist And Nude Model

Exit The Dance Between Suffering & Boredom in Your Relationship

Get in touch with your creative side by playing an artist and a nude model. In this kind of scenario, you or your partner pretends to be an artist who is fascinated with a nude model. You can turn your bedroom into an artist’s studio for the scenario.

Incorporate consensual and responsible voyeurism to the fantasy by having the model undress while the artist works on the portrait. Visual stimulus is considered a powerful aphrodisiac for developing sensual pleasure. So, you can treat your partner to eye-catching adult toys, like nipple clamps and vibrating necklaces. 

Overall, this role play is a great opportunity to explore each other’s bodies, overcome insecurities, and be more comfortable with each other.  

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5. Teacher And Student

The student and teacher role play fantasy remains a classic. You get to explore a risqué and taboo subject in a safe setting. 

To act out a classroom scene, one of you can take the role of a lustful professor and the other a college student—or even a biology instructor teaching a pupil about anatomy. You can include actions, like whipping and flogging with adult toys. 

6. Flight Attendant And Passenger

Have you ever dreamt of joining the mile-high club? Well, there’s a less risky way to do this in reality by acting as a flight attendant and a passenger on a pretend plane in the privacy of your own home. 

You don’t have to transform your space into a plane, though. Just imagine that your living area or bedroom is a plane. One of you can dress in cabin crew attire while the other wears casual clothes to play the passenger. Flirt with each other through dialogue or gestures, such as giving compliments, leaning in while talking to each other, or standing closely. 


Role playing is more than just a method for spicing up your relationship. It’s a healthy and reliable approach that allows you and your partner to let your guard down, learn about each other’s sexual needs and desires, and build trust.  

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