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Why You Should Workout with Your Partner

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Most people work out because it is fun, boosts metabolism, and strengthens muscles. After working a full workday, handling adult-related responsibilities, and managing your children, working out often understandably falls on the bottom of the to-do list.

However, just like almost everything else in the world, there are ways to make dreary, tiring activities excited. For example, workouts can be fun if you do it with your significant other. Working out together can be an intimate bonding experience for romantic partners. 

Aside from making workouts fun by planning intimate sweat sessions, the result of those sessions could lead to diminished costs for the family’s financial responsibilities, like life insurance. Life insurance based on APS underwriting requires an attending physician to notate the standing of your health. Hence, insurance companies can determine the level of risk you are at.

If you’re regularly participating in intimate workout sessions with your partner, you could ensure that you are healthy enough to be considered a low-risk level for insurance. This directly equates to receiving lower rates on your life insurance policy.

Grow Closer by Working Out Together

It is no secret that some couples struggle to remain happy in a relationship after many years of being together. Once couples get to that point, they often start searching for tips to make the relationship healthy again, but they do not realize that something as simple as exercising together can bring joy back into their relationship.

A study noted in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology explains how the couples who partook in exciting physical activities experienced more feelings of satisfaction and contentment. Some couples even expressed feeling more in love with their partner after exciting workouts. 

Despite physical activity being challenging (and sometimes painful), the psychological arousal that can come later makes this experience worthwhile. Exercising can make a person feel vulnerable because it exposes your weaknesses, which can be a great bonding tool for couples. 

Having your partner support and interact with you during moments of vulnerability without judgment positively alters the mental and emotional state you have towards your partner.

Intimate Workouts Create Dedicated Accountability Partners

There have been plenty of times when I reached out to a friend, asking if she would like to work out with me for accountability, and each time the dedication to the end goal fades away. Though your friends love you, your partner is more invested in your life than anyone else.

Your health directly affects them in a variety of ways. If you’re healthy, both life and health insurance rates are typically cheaper. You will also be able to participate in living longer if you’re healthy because you won’t be worried about different diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. If anything, your partner would be the best accountability partner. 

As a bonus, you two are not only just accountable for one another’s health journey, but you also learn to work as a team. 

Those who have been in a long-term relationship know how crucial it is to work fluidly with your partner to keep your household in line. Physical exercise requires concentration and accuracy to avoid injury. Working on being detailed with movement as a pair can directly benefit how you two work together on problems outside of the sweat session.

Workouts Can Rekindle Intimacy in Your Relationship

Just as happiness can dwindle in a relationship, the level of intimacy can, too. In some cases, intimacy may never have been present because the couple let insecurity kill the relationship’s intimacy early on. However, moving in a synchronous flow with your partner could help you feel more emotionally attuned with one another. 

Examples of this type of movement would be supporting one another as your lift weights, tossing a medicine ball to and from one another, or swinging those massive ropes in unison. 

When you are working in unison while exercising, you are actively working towards a common goal. Working towards and achieving a goal together improves intimacy because accomplishing something together helps to bond you together. 

Through the physical challenges associated with completing a workout and the moments of weaknesses, you both pushed through for the sake of achieving a common goal. On a mental and emotional level, you are probably left feeling appreciative of your partner for going on this fitness journey with you. 

You Spend More Time Together When Working Out

My partner works at night, and I work during the day. We sometimes have a few hours after he wakes up and after I get off of work before he has to get his day started, so we do not get to spend much time together.

The lack of quality time in a relationship is common among working adults, but planning quality time is one of the secrets to maintaining love and work-life balance. Your intimate exercise sessions can serve as quality time, and you are basically killing two birds with one stone. 

You are spending time together and working towards physical health at the same time.

Exercise Serves as an Alternative to Venting to Your Partner  

How many times have you found yourself going into an extensive rant about how frustrating your day was? Life can grow extremely hectic, and leaning on your partner during those times is easy and comforting. 

In replacement for venting sessions, your workout sessions can be used to blow out the steam. 

Instead of verbally communicating your frustrations, express them through the energy you exert during your workout. This will help you to burn more calories, work harder with your partner, and helps to decompress from a rough day. And if things become too aggressive, your partner is there to calm you back down.

Life in the Bedroom Gets Better

After you increase intimacy in your relationship through workout sessions with your partner, your sex life will ideally be better. Because of your sweat sessions, you would naturally have become physically fit. When you are in good shape, your body can withstand more rigorous movement (like bedroom activities) for a longer, extended amount of time.

Additionally, you will grow a better understanding of your partner’s body and weaknesses throughout the workouts. So during intercourse, you will be able to supplement movements and positions to support your partner. 

Since this is a physical activity, the bond and efficient teamwork you two built during workouts will translate to the bedroom. Therefore the workouts will result in making physical intimacy a fun, synchronous, and supportive experience.

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