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12 Best Grocery Delivery Apps in the United States: Save time, Grab exciting offers and Enjoy Healthy Meals

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Grocery delivery apps can be quick and convenient ways to shop products from your favorite local stores and get them delivered straight to your door within hours.

We all have probably struggled with completing daily chores- things like grocery shopping can take up a lot of time and energy. Especially on days when you’re busy, there’s hardly any time for running to the market. To make things easier for you, there are grocery apps that can deliver products to your doorstep. These apps are all about adding groceries to your digital cart and scheduling pickup or delivery in as little as 1 hour.

Moreover, certain grocery delivery companies offer extra membership features and same-day delivery options.

Here are the best grocery delivery apps that you must try.

Walmart Grocery Delivery

There are a wide variety of groceries available in the Walmart app. Your options are not limited; apart from groceries, you can add some over-the-counter medicines and toiletries.

  • Once you’ve selected all the things that you need, the last option involves choosing a time for delivery or pickup.
  • Delivery fees can vary from $8 to $10, depending on where you live.
  • There’s a Walmart+ service available where on minimum spending of $35, you will qualify for unlimited deliveries up to $13 per month.
  • With the Walmart+ subscription, you get access to member-only slots, and items can get delivered within two hours! 

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Boxed can deliver bulk groceries and other products straight to your house.

  • It’s the perfect app for people who buy eggs, milk, fruit, and veggies in bulk.
  • You can schedule a delivery with Boxed Express, which requires a separate minimum order and delivery fee. Minimum order of $49 is required for free shipping.
  • Orders below that amount will charge you a $7 delivery fee. Membership costs $49 per year for free shipping on all orders.
  • During the Pandemic, the demand for bulk orders had increased, which led to some shipping delays, but it is fulfilling all orders now. 

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Available in major cities like Texas, Arizona, and Michigan, Shipt takes as little as one hour to deliver at your doorstep.

  • Once you have signed up for membership, all you have to do is select the items you want, choose the delivery option, and finally checkout.
  • Shipt offers products from multiple grocery chains such as Kroger and Publix. They use a team of local shoppers to ensure that your order is fresh out of the produce.
  • Users can place orders during store hours which in some cases is available for 24 hours.
  • Membership costs $100 a year or $14 per month. You will get free delivery on orders that are above $35. 

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If you’re living on the West Coast, you might be familiar with stores like Safeway, Albertsons, Pavilions, and Vons.

  • These stores provide delivery services through their website and apps.
  • The delivery fee of Safeway starts at $10, but it can be lower if your order is more than $150.
  • The deliveries are made between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days a week. There are no membership programs available at Safeway. 

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Instacart is available in major cities, including San Francisco, Houston, New York, and Chicago. They make sure that the grocery items are fresh and of good quality.

  • You can shop from certain grocery chains like Mariano’s and Whole Foods. The app has a feature that allows you to shop by recipe. You can schedule your delivery in advance for order upon demand.
  • The delivery fee depends on certain factors like buying hours, size of the order, and chosen delivery time. During busy shopping times, the price can go higher.
  • Users can sign up for the Instacart Express Membership, which will grant you free deliveries on orders above $35.
  • There are service fees applied to both the Non-Express customers and Express members. 

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Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now comes with the Amazon Prime membership.

  • It mostly depends on heavy items stored at the Amazon warehouses, but you can also get items from local markets like Whole Foods.
  • Everything from batteries and cleaning supplies can be delivered to your door in a span of 2 hours. Additionally, you will be familiar with Amazon Fresh, which is Amazon’s dedicated grocery-only shopping platform.
  • Amazon Prime Now costs $100 a year, and the two-hour delivery service is free. You can add special instructions to the delivery order.

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Unlike Shipt and Instacart, Peapod has its own inventory. It is like those standard grocery stores but online.

  • You’ll find everything organized under ‘aisles,’ and customers can pick up the order from the Peapod Warehouses.
  • This can save you a lot of delivery costs. The delivery fee depends on the size of your order.
  • The minimum required delivery amount is $30, which charges a $10 delivery cost.
  • For orders about $75 and $100, the charge drops to $8 and $7. You can pick up the orders from the warehouse with zero fees. 

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FreshDirect is an urban delivery service that is available in the northeastern states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, and Washington.

  • It delivers fresh meats, cheese, and other produce. Along with quality ratings, FreshDirect provides additional information about the products you’re ordering.
  • That way, you make safe and informed buying choices. Delivery costs vary depending on your area, but the average amount of a $30 order is around $6.
  • To speed up the delivery service, you can upgrade to the Foodkick service. 

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Dumpling was built with the purpose of making small business ownership available to everyone.

  • It helps both the shopper and seller to interact and build a good shopping experience. Anyone can start, run and grow their very own service-based delivery system.
  • You will be dealing with independent sellers who have their own pricing structure. You will be paying a specified delivery fee or a percentage of the total order value.
  • There is a lot of information available for you to compare and find the best available prices. 

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Hungryroot provides weekly meal subscriptions and ensures proper delivery.

  • The app is like a parent; it ensures that the food you’re eating is healthy in multiple ways. They deliver food that is nutritious and is made from trusted ingredients; it tastes good and is easy to make.
  • Apart from groceries, it also offers full meals. Apart from Alaska and Hawaii, Hungryroot mostly delivers to other regions. Their smallest plan starts at $59.94, which comes with three two-serving meals.
  • There are other plans that depend on the type of meal you’re looking for. 

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Imperfect Foods

Imperfect foods deliver products that aren’t as good-looking as the ones you’ll find in other stores. By using this delivery service, you’ll be helping the planet and the supply chain.

  • They make sure the not-so-good-looking veggies do not end up in the trash but are highly nutritious.
  • Imperfect Foods deliver in the West South Central region, the Midwest, Northeast, and the West Coast. Depending on your area, a delivery fee of around $4.99 to $8.99 is applicable.
  • There is no subscription or any kind of service fee applicable. 

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Thrive Market

With a minimum order of $49, you can get healthy staples delivered to your doorstep.

  • Thrive Market is funded by multiple memberships and focuses on organic products. It offers products at an affordable cost along with carbon-neutral delivery.
  • You will find fresh items that are a part of the keto, paleo, and vegan diets.
  • Membership costs $59 annually or $9.95 every month. 

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Bottom line!

Working and cooking delicious meals gets so much easier with these apps. Since these apps have different kinds of services, explore and find out the one that suits your needs. 

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