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12 Best High-rated Jobs for Introverts

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It is a widespread belief that introverts are very shy, socially awkward, and soft-spoken. Also, they enjoy peace and comfort in loneliness. 

An introvert is not like an extrovert; they are picky but possess a lot of talent, which speaks volumes about them. 

However, an introvert is intellectual and knows very well where to invest their time and energy. When it comes to professionalism, introverts put their best foot forward. From showing excellent social skills, dedication to work, and having the ability to form strong connections, an introvert can tackle enough on their plate.

Introverts are born with the key characteristic of concentrating on their work and being sincere about it- that’s what makes them innovative. One key feature of introverts is they believe in the power of silence, which makes them the best leaders. If you are an introvert and looking to grab the best opportunity that suits your independent skills and does not involve much human interaction, then you have landed at the right place because this article talks about the top best jobs for introverts.

So let’s get started. 

But, before that, let’s have a quick introduction to the persona of an introvert. 

Who are introverts? 

Many people get confused between introverts and extroverts. Practically, there is no such particular trait that can put either of them on any side. Different people have different personalities, and we are the people who have given names to those characteristics, shy as introverts and bold as extroverts. 

According to studies, introverts are those people who strive to fit in a group, have issues while dealing with social situations, and are contemplative and reserved. They generally have a higher excitement level but do not have the energy to interact with people. Introverts like to stay alone and keep things to themselves. 

Stuff like posting about their life instance on social media, chatting with people, bonding with someone, or attaining a function is definitely not their cup of tea. Extroverts, on the other hand, are entirely contrasting and bear very appealing characteristics. 

Best Jobs For Introverts 

Introverts are indeed socially awkward, but it does not limit their career options. Many job opportunities provide one-to-one interaction and independent work culture. Here are the best jobs for introverts that are perfectly suitable for them. 

1. Accountant 

You won’t come across any job description for accountants that’ll require an outgoing or affable nature. Accountants do not need to have an extroverted personality. This is why the job of an accountant is so appealing, and people who prefer to work alone can easily apply for this job. The diversity of taxation and commerce will always need brainstorming accountants to work and solve the numerical complications. 

Average Salary: $71,332 annually

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2. Architect 

If you are an introvert and thinking of making a career in architecture, you are on the right path. Although architects have to meet with clients and attend meetings with professionals, they mostly spend their time planning, sketching, and designing structures. Architecture is a great opportunity for people trying to showcase their creativity and want to thrive on making new things. It can also be considered as one of the best jobs for introverts in the current scenario.

Average Salary: $93,865 annually

3. Editor 

Editors are primarily the link between the author/writer and the reader. Editors generally work alone, analyzing texts, proofreading, and checking for any grammatical errors in the content submitted to them. 

Editing is one of the best jobs for introverts since it requires one to have a basic knowledge of the language and the power to identify aberrations. A person who is creative with thoughts and has perfection can apply for this job.

Average Salary: $46,673 annually

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4. Writer 

Whether you write for a business or fictional stories, writing is an authentic job for introverts. Writers talk through their words and are known for playing with words. Writing is a form of art.

If you want to explore something independently, this is a suitable occupation for you since it’s one of the top best jobs for introverts without a degree. Introverts who have a passion for expressing their heart out and an affinity for words can look forward to being a writer. 

Average Salary: $59,833 annually

5. Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers are self-employed freelancers and can efficiently work alone. You just need to have a well-managed portfolio to show to your interviewers, and then the process depends on your personal hard work. Imaginative introverts who have artistic personalities can be graphic designers.

Graphic designers use various tools to animate the project given to them, and this work is mainly done alone. So, it would be easier for introverts to get things done. 

Average Salary: $45,009 annually

6. Librarian 

When we hear the word “library,” we can only think of silence, a place where calmness prevails. Hence, this is a profession that would inevitably attract introverts.

Librarians help people find and issue books, and recommend necessary reference materials to them. It doesn’t involve too much social interaction; thus, it can be a comfortable job for introverts. According to a study, most of the librarians were found to be falling under the category of introverts. 

Average Salary: $50,167 annually

7. Photographer 

A photographer generally sees the world from a different perspective. Being a photographer is a unique profession, to be precise, and is suitable for an introvert. You just have to capture moments from your surroundings; sometimes, it can be nature or an event. It doesn’t call for any kind of socializing because it is independent work that tests your way of visualizing things and how you manage to frame them in a photo. 

Average Salary: $16.54 per hour

8. Software Engineer

This seems to be the most lovable job for introverts. The software engineer’s job doesn’t require much human interaction, just writing the computer language and building software all day. If you have an excellent command of programming language and proper experience, this low-stress job is just for you. 

Average Salary: $71,150 annually

9. Social Media Marketing

Loaded with creative ideas but anxious to showcase your skills. Then a social media job might be a great place for you to let the world knows how influential and compelling your thoughts are. This creative job requires a cellphone, a good internet connection, and a comfy couch.

Average Salary: $51,599 annually

10. Chef

Love cooking, then why not become a chef? Manging the kitchen of a restaurant or starting your own cafe, a chef is the one who stays behind the curtains.

Average Salary: $60,570 annually

11. Therapist or Psychiatrist:

If you have the ability to listen, can analyze the situations, and deal with empathy, then a therapist professional might be your work path. 

Average Salary: $44,527 annually

12. Data Analyst

This job requires a lot of patience and hard-working skills; as you like to be a loner- this could be a good job. 

Many organizations offer training plus job opportunities. You may require basic computer science, modeling, statistics, analytics, and math skills. Data scientists uncover the answers to questions that help companies make better decisions.

Average Salary: US$69,501 annually

Introverts often get displeased with their jobs due to many factors, such as the work culture or the physical distractions. These factors make it a nightmare for introverts, and they often burn out. However, there is always a good side to everything you encounter or see around you, so you must focus on them and ignore the rest.

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