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Can a Girlfriend Dump You Because You’re Going, Bald

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The scalp hair is one of the essential parts of the body. That is why all of us want to have attractive hair. Because of different factors, people lose hair. Sometimes, it is possible to stop hair loss, but some people may not stop losing hair. As a result, hair thinning or baldness takes place. The appearance of a person badly suffers when thin or bald spots appear on the scalp.

Going bald entirely is a painful thing, no one wants to have. The romantic life is also likely to suffer due to hair fall problem. To avoid all possible harms due to hair thinning or balding, hair restoration surgeons suggest hair transplant. This article discusses how harmful can lose hair for a man. If you want to know the bad effects of hair thinning and baldness, this guide is for you.

Would You Date a Bald/Balding Person?  

This is an important question in our routine life, and there is no true answer to it. Different people have different preferences. If you like the person, you accept that person without hair. Mean to say, this question has mixed answers, and some people speak in favour of bald guys, and some are opposed to being bald forever.

bald man

Honestly, it is the choice of the individual. We can only discuss this topic to educate people about this important topic. Physical appearance leaves a temporary impact, but it is a big reality. In most cases, the first impression is the last impression. And in today’s world people give much importance to the appearance of the person.

Your real friend will not leave you because of if you have gone bald. However, this can happen if you are not paying attention to your partner. It is more important to be attractive from the inside, and this kind of attractive lasts forever.

Do Baldness Affect Romantic Life?  

It is true that the appearance of the man means a lot when it comes to dating. We always consider physical appearance when it comes to starting a relationship. That is why baldness can affect one’s romantic life. If not affect badly, it can surely limit a woman’s choices. Some guys have shared their sad stories on the internet about how their partner left them when they bald or going bald.

Your partner may think about breaking up with you if you are not according to their requirements. They may consider leaving you due to a variety of reasons. In some cases, a woman just needs an excuse to start living with another friend. If your partner has left you because you went bald, it is not your mistake. Such kind of accidents can happen to anyone. Baldness can occur to the women too, and they should not leave a guy due to this issue.

Notable Hair Restoration Options

If a person is going through abnormal hair loss, thin areas have developed in the scalp, or balding has started, different options are available to fix these issues. If bald or thin areas have already developed in the scalp, that person can turn to a hair transplant treatment to start growing hair naturally once again. The side effects after having it are not severe.  

bald man

For thin areas, platelet-rich plasma therapy may work well because it can trigger hair growth. Other hair loss treatments are available, and a person can benefit from them if an expert suggests them. These treatments only deliver the desired results if a person qualifies as a good candidate. Contact a professional to know if you can take it or not.

Hair Regrowth: Concluding Remarks

You have read how hair thinning, and baldness can make problems for a person. If you are a victim of hair thinning or baldness, you should try a suitable hair transplant treatment to learn more. It is a surgical and minimally invasive procedure that can harm the area for a short time.

How much does it cost? Can you undergo it? If you are interested in hair restoration, you may have questions to ask. A hair restoration surgeon is the right person to speak to if you want to learn more about it.

Wish you all the best for your hair regrowth journey.

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