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Girlfriend Ignoring You All of a Sudden? How to Fix It…

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All relationships go through ups and downs. There is an ebb and flow to even the healthiest of relationships. Some relationship problems are fixable, and some may not be. If your girlfriend is ignoring you all of a sudden, you may be able to fix it, depending on the root cause. Let’s look at the reasons she may suddenly be ignoring you and how to fix it.

1. She May Be Stressed Out.

The reason she’s ignoring you may have nothing to do with you. She may be stressed out about work, school, or family. There may be things going on in her life that she finds overwhelming, and she’s doing her best to make it through a difficult time.

How to Fix It: Think about what the possible stressor could be in her life and offer to help her. Ask her if you can help ease her burden by making her lunches, cleaning out her car, or other things that would help her out. Let her know that you’re there to listen if she needs to talk.

2. You May Be Too Needy/Clingy.

She may not be ignoring you at all. She may simply lead a busy life filled with many friends, family, and obligations, and you have made her the center of your life. 

How to Fix It: Step back and evaluate the situation. Are you the one who always calls and texts her? Does the relationship seem one-sided, where you are the one always fighting for her time and attention? As a relationship expert & matchmaker, women always tell me that they are attracted to confident men and turned off by “needy” men. If you find that you have become too clingy, it’s time to work towards more balance in your life and in your relationship. Find things outside of your relationship to take up your time and attention.

3. You May Be Overthinking.

Men are notoriously poor communicators, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t having conversations in their heads. Many men can be extremely analytical to the point of completely overthinking a situation. She may simply be a busy person and may not be ignoring you at all.

How to Fix It: When you find yourself overthinking your relationship, replace your thoughts with something else. Make a commitment to turn your attention to work whenever you find your mind focused on analyzing your relationship. 

4. She May Be Deciding If You’re the One. 

Relationships often come to a crossroads. She may have reached a point where she is deciding if you could see herself with you for the rest of her life or if she is going to end the relationship and move on.

How to Fix It: You need to ask yourself the same question she may be asking herself: Is this someone you can see yourself sharing forever with? If it is, express that to her. Communicate just how much she means to you and how you see you’re future together.

5. She May Want to Break-Up. 

If your girlfriend is suddenly ignoring you, she may want to break-up with you and is simply avoiding having the “break-up conversation.”

How to Fix It: If you think that this is the situation, don’t be afraid to address it. Talk to her and find out how she’s feeling about the relationship. Communicate how you’re feeling as well. If you’re going to break up, wouldn’t you rather have an open conversation rather than things just fizzling out without closure?

The healthiest relationships are those in which both partners communicate openly and honestly. If you feel like your girlfriend is suddenly ignoring you or has changed her behavior, don’t be afraid to address it. Talk to her, offer support and encouragement if necessary, and listen to what she has to say. The worst thing you can do is to simply avoid talking about what’s going on. 

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Amber Artis
Amber Artis is the CEO of Select Date Society, a boutique matchmaking firm representing upscale singles throughout the United States. She has been a professional matchmaker since 1998 and has helped hundreds of singles find their perfect match!

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