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How do Building Personal Relationships help In Professional Growth?

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A new buzzword can be heard in the corporate world, “Network builds the Net Worth.”

But frankly, this is a quite old line that’s been said over and over by the top management officials and entrepreneurs.

You may have a tendency to switch company after company every year just to get a pay rise, but in the long run, it may harm you and haunt you if you don’t build a healthy or friendly relationship with your colleagues, seniors, and subordinates. 

New studies conducted by various universities and independent institutes suggest that maintaining a healthy relationship or at least being friendly or nice to your coworkers is the necessary factor for your success. After all, there is no ‘I’ in the word ‘Team.’ 

Therefore, it will be beneficial for all of you to grow together; this way, surely and securely, you will go further.

Now, let us directly jump into the important reasons you should maintain a healthy workplace relationship with your colleagues and how that will help your professional and personal growth. 

Improved Teamwork and Collaboration due to Extra Pair of Hands and More Brains.

Towards Productivity and Efficiency- New Workplace Tips Every Professional Should Know

Since childhood, we have heard and been engaged in several activities where only teamwork could save the day. Why do we forget this important lesson while working in an office? 

We must admit one thing at first, that not one person can be great at everything. He/ She could be extremely knowledgeable, but knowledge is just not enough in most instances.

But most of the time, when knowledge is combined with experience, it results in great success.

Therefore, if you have a great team, no matter who you are, the leader or the rookie, you should work in cohesion. This reduces the workloads and provides a learning opportunity for everyone.

You may have learned new things; your coworkers will gather some new knowledge, and all of you will bond and grow as a better team. 

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Furthermore, more members in a team will increase brain power. Not every day, your brain runs at 100%, and it is true for your colleagues too.

But when you brainstorm on something, it will take less time to solve the problem and increase successful collaborations. 

Increased Productivity.

Business Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

No matter how further Artificial Intelligence has walked, companies still require higher human resources to get work done.

In every company, every project is completed by one or more teams. If the internal understandings and mentality of the team members involved in a project are great, the projects are likely to get completed with success.

The more internal understandings between the team members are there, the more cohesive the team becomes, ultimately improving the level of productivity as a whole. This benefits the company as sometimes, even a lack of productivity from a single employee can create troubles in the workflow.

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Due to proper collaboration and good teamwork, the employees become friendlier, which also increases productivity levels. 

Increased productivity also improves work culture in the office. This is because increased productivity improves the success rate at work, and a high success rate improves the employees’ mental health. 

This is Important For Mental Health.

RULE NUMBER ONE: Always try to see your clients in person because you can’t kiss their ___ over a computer… AND… RULE NUMBER TWO… If you don’t schmooze, you lose! (And if YOU don’t see your clients in person on a regular basis, someone else will…and you could possibly wind up losing some of those clients, even though you may have been doing a great job for them.) Copy: One of the most important things in any business is keeping your clients and customers…and keeping them happy. One of the other most important things in business is working well with your co-workers and keeping them happy, too. And, aside from always trying to do your best to do good work for them, and aside from always being straightforward and honest with your clients and co-workers, one of the most important things in business is to build a good working relationship with your clients and everyone you work with so they are comfortable working with you and trusting you. And for better ways of communicating with your clients and co-workers, here are some things to always keep in mind: 1) First, always keep in mind the age-old mantra of customer relations… “The customer is always right!” (Even if you think they’re wrong, figure out how to deal with it and then move on.) 2) If you’ve got good news to deliver…deliver it in person! 3) If you’ve got bad news to deliver…deliver it in person. Don’t text it. Don’t email it! And don’t ever send anything over the internet, and don’t put anything in writing that could embarrass you if it winds up on the Evening News…or even worse…in court! Got that? Be very careful what you say and whom you say it to…and always keep in mind another age-old mantra… “Loose lips sink ships!” Sub-head: So, is the success of your business and the success of your career at your company dependent on a lot of office politics? Absolutely YES! And, some of the first things you need to know wherever you work and whatever your job is…are things like… A) Who’s in charge, who does what, and who reports to whom? B) Plus, you need to know what your job is and how it gets evaluated. You also have to study office politics. (And try to keep your thoughts to yourself.) Plus, start reading up about your industry and your competition and learn as much as you can about everything related to your business because that knowledge and those skills will help you advance. Also, be on the lookout for opportunities at other companies because you may have to leave your current place of business to help you advance a lot faster! Other than that, do your best to do a good job and if you have any questions about anything, ask. NOW…HERE ARE SOME MORE RULES TO SUCCESS IN BUSINESS AND SUCCESS AT YOUR JOB: 1) Never do anything to endanger your clients! 2) Never do anything to endanger your boss! 3) And never do anything to endanger your job! Plus… 4) Don’t say anything stupid! 5) Don’t do anything stupid! 6) Don’t post anything stupid on the internet! 7) Don’t ever say anything racist or sexist or politically incorrect! 8) Never talk to the press, unless that’s your job! 9) Learn how to refer things to your management and their attorneys… 10) And don’t brag…Be humble…and more people will like you a lot more. Also, if you’re making a lot of money, don’t be in a hurry to show off your success. Take it easy on the jewelry and the clothing you might wear at the office. AND…GETTING BACK TO COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR CLIENTS AND ENTERTAINING YOUR CLIENTS… Here is a funny story about things to think about when entertaining your clients: Many years ago, I met a salesman who didn’t entertain his clients much after work. Generally, he would go straight home to his family. His sales were pretty good, so it was tough for the powers that be to get rid of him. Then, one day, some people in management told him that they wanted him to spend some more time entertaining his clients after work. So, he started to stay out late and entertain his clients a lot more, and a few months later, the same management people that didn’t like him in the first place said, “He’s not much of a family man,” and shortly after that, they fired him, even though his sales were very good. Politics…it’s all politics. In most cases, one person can do just as good a job as another, and to keep your job, learn how to navigate the office politics. And to keep your clients, learn how to navigate their office politics. And to keep your customers, learn how to navigate their politics. Also, read a lot of books about business. Read a lot of books about your industry. And one book that everyone should read immediately is Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It will stand you in good stead throughout your business life and throughout all your years. NOW…FOR COMMUNICATING BETTER WITH YOUR CLIENTS, CUSTOMERS, AND CO-WORKERS… 1) Remember…always try to see them in person as often as you can. 2) If you can’t see them in person, call them! Don’t just text them. Don’t just email them. See them in person. Talk to them in person. If you can’t see them in person because of Covid or for any other reason, call them. 3) Build a good working relationship with everyone you work with. Don’t argue! Don’t yell, and don’t ever curse at work! 4) Keep your nasty thoughts and comments to yourself… 5) And…learn how to master the arts of Flattery and to appeal to a person’s Vanity. Flattery and Vanity…Flattery and Vanity…They could become some of the keys to success in all that you do. 6) Also, always keep in touch with your past and present clients with holiday cards, birthday cards, and interesting bits of information as often and as appropriately as they occur. And always keep in mind rule Number One…See your clients, customers, and co-workers in person as often as you can because you can’t kiss their ___ over a computer, and if you don’t schmooze, you lose. Here’s wishing you the best of success in communicating better with your clients, customers, and co-workers!

Apart from the buzzwords previously discussed, some others are also highlighted too much: ‘Toxic Workplace’ and ‘Toxic Work Culture.’

Here, we all must take a note on mental health. No workplace, whether a government or a private job, toxic people make workplaces hell. They make good employees leave the company and reduce the productivity levels of others by creating unforeseen mental obstacles.

Sometimes, good people unknowingly become toxic to others and later themselves. There are many ways one can deal with this but keeping an open mind and listening to everyone in the team can really help to identify and solve this problem, and the solution is just being nice and a little more appreciative towards your colleague when they give or pitch a nice idea or get a job done. Yes, you can reduce mental stress for each other in the team by just being the nice guy.

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You will be free from mental stress; you will be able to share your workloads, and those toxic people we talked about can’t hurt you if you are nice to them. No matter how bad a person is, conscience still prevents us from doing anything wrong and immoral.

Having great mental health will positively affect your physical health, and with a freer mind, you will be more productive at work

Improvement in Organizational Culture and Structure.

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No matter how big or small, every organization follows a certain work culture and structure to run the day-to-day operations. In a company where the work culture is great, people are friendlier to each other, and less work stress has the untapped potential for success and growth.

Better work culture is also successful for retaining the top employees, increasing morale among the employees, and more caring towards the company and other coworkers. 

All these great things can be achieved by promoting better and healthier personal relationships. 

Last Comments.

Many people do not want to mix their personal life with their professional life, and they are right at their point. But when you spend 8 to 10 hours every day and 5 to 6 days a week, a better relationship can make your workplace a really better place.

As the pandemic is still at large, maintaining a healthy relationship with your coworkers will boost your productivity even from your home.

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