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How to Keep a Balance Between Love-life and Career

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This is definitely one of the most difficult questions of all time, especially when couples are working from home, and there is less distinction between work and love life.

So during this time, couples need to figure out a routine that budgets enough romantic time. It’s easy for careers to spill over into the home these days, balancing career and love life that is much more difficult than traditional 9-5 work.

That doesn’t mean candle-lit dinners in pajamas to cut corners, but actually investing a few hours to go out for a fancy dinner or go out to a movie like in the old days. 

Here are a few things you can do to help restore the balance between your love life and your career:

Routine night walks

One thing you can do to keep the spark going, even when you are overworked, is to try to include walking as a couple in your routine. No matter how much work you have to do, there is always a way to fit in 30 minutes of the day for a nice romantic after-dinner walk. Choose somewhere nice like a park nearby where you can take a stroll to end the moonlight day. 

Any couple can tell you that they remember walking together during the times where they first were together, whether it was walking home from the movies or from a late-night party. Walking at night helps re-ignite those memories of how love was in the beginning since we are human after all, and our minds work by association. 

So look forward to ending the day with a walk, and believe me, it will help your love life and help by giving you a healthy escape after a long day of work. 

Planned dinners

Ideally, you want to pick a nice place with a good ambiance, preferably serving wine. Have a few choices that you can switch between, so it doesn’t get boring, so in one week, you go out to one place and the next a completely different part of town. Planning a dinner night every week is an excellent way to break the work routine and refocus on your relationship.

It’s easy to get caught up in your career, and when you work from home, it gives you the urge to cut corners and just cook at home. However, it’s critical to change things up and allow some freedom to just enjoy dinner without worrying about who cleans the dishes, which has slowly killed many marriages!

Get a pet

One of the best ways to dramatically reshuffle your work routine and add an element to your relationship that can be beneficial is to get a pet. Sure, it’s not the same degree of responsibility as having an actual human to take care of, but it still forces any couple to readjust their lifestyle. Even if a career is important, so is making sure your puppy gets his daily walks and basic necessities.

As time goes by, your pet becomes part of the family and helps you find time to spend with it, and your partner, instead of obsessing overwork. Pets can do wonders for any relationship by providing affection, companionship, and shared responsibility that makes even the busiest couple find time out of work to address.

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