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How to Solve Communication Gap In A Relationship

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Relationships are quite susceptible to miscommunication and conflicts. A lot of people think of a relationship as a smooth sailing ship. But that’s not true. It is wrong to perceive relationships as a thread without any knot. You are not living in a fairyland where everything seems perfect.

You are in a relationship where you accept the other person with all the good and bad qualities.

So, it is up to you to appreciate your partner and understand them. But this can only be done by spending more time together and communicating. 

Communication is Indispensable.

You need to understand that to solve the communication gap, you need to communicate. Also, you can’t expect a miracle to happen unless you two decide to sit and talk. If you wish to understand each other and prevent conflicts, then you need to listen to each other.

Without any proper communication, you two will end up misunderstanding each other. You see, avoiding communication is the sole reason causing the communication gap in your relationship. Of course, non-verbal communication is one way to express your love and emotions, but some things require verbal communication. For example, to apologize for forgetting your anniversary, you may use non-verbal communication by surprising your partner. But if you overreact or blame your partner for your actions, then non-verbal communication won’t be much effective in the long run.

Talking is the only way you can nurture your relationship. After all, a relationship is not just about going on dates, watching movies, or dining together. It is also about exchanging thoughts, ideas, opinions, and feelings. If you want your relationship to work, then you must make sure to talk about everything from your hobbies to your dislikes. Don’t expect your partner to understand your agitation and silence. Staying silent and being dramatic may ruin your relationship. 

So, instead of avoiding conflicts, it’s better to take out some time and talk to your partner. However, you must keep in mind that communication is a skill. If carried out properly, communication can make your bond strong and unbreakable. But how can one communicate properly?

Well, here are a few tips to make your communication more effective. Follow these tips to solve the communication gap in a relationship.

Don’t Let Ego Come Between You. 

Ego is no less than poison. If you allow ego to come between you two, then there’s no way you can save your relationship. Ego is a very strong factor that stops you from communicating with your partner. So, don’t let a few moments of anger and conflicts hurt your ego. Your relationship is more important than your ego.

Therefore, it is necessary to mellow down and think about your partner and how your ego may hurt their feelings and your relationship. Now you must be wondering what can be done to prevent your ego from getting hurt? The first thing you need to do is stop being self-centered. You are now sharing your life with another person. This means you should be more considerate towards your partner.  

Be Honest About Your Feelings.

Expressing positive emotions and feelings is easy. But it is negative emotions and feelings that are tough to express. It is because expressing negative feelings are likely to hurt the other person’s feelings. But when you keep your negative feelings bottled up, they tend to burst like a volcano. This may cause more harm than protecting your relationship. Therefore, make sure to express both positive and negative emotions to your partner. However, while expressing negative emotions, avoid shouting or attacking your partner. Instead, stay calm and trust your partner to understand you.

Be Polite and Stay Calm.

While talking to your partner, make sure to pay attention to your body language. Try to talk as politely and calmly as you can. You don’t need to get defensive while expressing yourself or discussing a situation. You aim to resolve the conflict and not create one. If you talk politely, then your partner will respond in the same manner and not react. 

Sit Together More Often.

Of course, communication means talking, and in today’s world, people use chatting apps to communicate. However, this mode of communication is not effective in expressing your feelings properly. Communication is not just about uttering words. It is also about tone, facial expressions, gestures, body language, and occasional pauses. All of these factors are missing while chatting on a social media platform.

So, you must talk to your partner face-to-face. Therefore, try to sit together more often and discuss all the issues that are causing conflicts. Also, try to create joyful memories by communicating successfully.

Apology Brings Peace.

People feel that apologizing is about accepting mistakes. But they don’t realize that saying sorry is also about marinating peace. Moreover, conflicts take place because of different ideas, opinions, and sometimes even due to different habits. Therefore, if you ever find your partner getting angry due to some unresolved conflict, then there’s no harm in apologizing. If you wish to have a peaceful relationship, then both partners should accept their mistakes and apologize. 

Do Not Talk While Angry.

Sometimes it so happens that communicating with your partner may not end on a positive note. You need to understand that it takes some time to resolve any issues and find common ground. This means while discussing an issue; you may find yourself getting agitated and angry.

However, you need to calm yourself and avoid saying things that you don’t mean at all. Remember, just because you say meaningless things in anger doesn’t mean it won’t hurt your partner’s feelings. So, if you find yourself getting angry, then ask your partner for some time and revisit the issue later after observing and thinking about it.

If your partner is angry, then allow them to have some time to think about the issue calmly. This method will allow you two to analyze the situation and reach an agreement.

So, use the above tips to strengthen your relationship with your partner. You will be amazed to see how effective these tips are. The best part is that they are beneficial to save your relationship with your partner and your parents or friends.

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