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12 Stupid Things We Do Around Our Crush

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If you’ve had a crush on someone, you must’ve noticed many changes in your behavior. You become conscious, nervous, and awkward around your crush; try to get their attention in different ways and, in the process, end up doing silly things.

Trust us; you’re not alone. We have all been there, done that. And when we look back at those moments, we can only laugh and have some fun! 

So, here are 12 stupid things we all do around our crush – and they are totally normal! 

1. Staring at them secretly.

Whether they are in your office or on the same bus as you, you never miss an opportunity to be able to look at them! You frequently steal glances whenever you can and secretly hope they are looking at you too. And when your eyes finally meet, you quickly look away but cannot stop yourself from telling your besties the big news! 

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2. Doing everything possible to be around them.

You would always end up missing your 7:30 AM bus but not anymore. Your crush takes the same bus as you, so how can you miss the golden opportunity to look at them every morning! And what if you get to sit beside them one fine day – of course, all those days you sacrificed your sleep will be worth it. Everyone around you is surprised. They praise you for being responsible and waking up early but little do they know the real reasons behind it! 

3. Dressing up well to impress them

You used to love your baggy t-shirts and sweatpants. But ever since you got to know your crush is into girls who wear dresses, you have completely transformed your wardrobe. Now you only wear pretty dresses and skirts – hoping that they’ll notice you! 

4. Stalking them endlessly on social media.

You know their favorite restaurant, the music band they love, and which Starbucks coffee they drink every morning. Your friends are not surprised because you literally keep track of what they are doing all the time! You are the first to know every social media update they do – whether it is Instagram stories, Facebook updates, or Whatsapp statuses!

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5. Becoming nervous and stammering if they talk to you.

Your crush came and asked you for your notes. But you got so nervous in their presence that you mumbled all the words under your breath, and in the process of hastily removing your books, you dropped everything on the floor. You got one chance to impress your crush, but you lost that too – how devastating! 

6. Exaggerating everything they do in your head.

They said, “Hi” to you today means they definitely like you back. They helped you carry your heavy bag. Of course, they are making a move on you. When in reality, they may just be doing all of this out of courtesy! Well, we don’t want to burst your bubble; it is possible they like you too. So, keep trying, my friend! 

7. Trying to be funny, cool, intelligent, and whatnot to get their attention.

You dress up cool, laugh with your friends when they’re around, and carry yourself confidently so that they notice you. Whenever they are passing by, you talk a little loudly and instigate your friends to laugh along with you to create a fun impression about yourself. 

8. Forcing yourself to like what they like.

You requested your boss to shift you to the marketing team not because you want to explore the field but because your crush is a part of it. Your best friend is shocked at your decision because you hated the subject in college. But love makes you do things you never even imagined! 

9. Fantasizing about them endlessly.

In your head, you are already married to him and enjoying your honeymoon on the beaches of Mauritius. It’s crazy how many times you imagine making out with them. Basically, they are on your mind all the time! 

10. Messing up what you’re good at in front of them.

So, you have to give a presentation – something you’re well-known for in the office. Your boss always praises your presentation skills after every meeting. But, here’s the catch – your crush is present in the discussion too. Now what? You can feel your confidence dwindling, and suddenly, nothing is going right! Your pen drive is not reading; the laptop is out of charge; you are forgetting the words and whatnot! In other words, you’ve lost the one good chance you had to impress them. Instead, you have messed up big time! 

11. Constantly check your phone for their messages or calls.

You cannot stop yourself from checking if they are online and wish that they text you. You do everything you can and create situations for such an opportunity to come soon. For example, intentionally forgetting your notebook on their desk so that they message you about it later. 

12. Ask your friend to talk to them.

You want to know whether your crush likes you back and who finds this out? Of course, your best friend! They know all the best strategies to mention your name while talking to them and figure out what’s on their mind. If your friend gives you a green signal, all well and good. If not, you have nothing to lose – you can either stop trying or choose to give it another shot! 


All of these stupid things you end up doing when your crush is around are normal and a sign that you’re falling for them! Falling in love is one of the sweetest feeling ever.

You feel good all the time, constantly think about that person, and imagine spending more time with them. So, what are you waiting for? Turn your fantasies into reality, and talk to your crush now!  

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